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  1. Hi,

    Can someone give me the tweak to remove the New Shortcut option in the New Menu (when u rightclick on the desktop)?

    Is was able to remove some yet:

    ; Remove new Briefcase from New Menu.

    ; Remove new BMP file from New Menu.

    ; Remove new Rich Text Document from New Menu.

    ; Remove new Wav file from New Menu.

    Thank you.

  2. There is an established procedure, documented in the resourc kit, on how to swap out th euniprocessor HAL for the SMP HAL.

    Do this BEFORE you move the boot disk to the new machine. You will also want to pre-install all necessary drivers for the new mobo, chipset, video, sound, etc, etc.

    The mobo stays the same, so i will only have to swap the HAL? Can you give me a link to that document because i have no idea what a resource kit is :)

  3. On home networks, CIFS is used. It does prettu much everything (File Sharing, Printer, ICS, etc), however, this protocol uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP, so dont remove it!

    P.S: I know you will find allot of websites saying it only uses DNS.

    I want to disable netbios, but when i do this i cant acces my shares anymore, but still ping the other pc's in the network.

    Is there a way to acces my shares without enabling netbios? I'm using a router btw if that's relevant.

  4. Hi,

    I'm sure it's a config problem on this PC, because I can use Remote Assistance on another PC (both PC's are behind the same router btw) with the same person. The other person is offering Remote Assistance, I'm the one who wants to help.

    I've stumbled on those KB articles idd, but thx for searching :)

  5. Hi,

    If i try to accept a remote assistance invite on MSN the application doesnt start. I push the accept button, but nothing happens. If i check the logs i receive the follwing error:

    Windows was unable to open the help ticket table (error code 0x80070005). Remote Assistance will be disabled. Restart the computer in safe mode and type the following text at the command prompt: sessmgr.exe -service. If the problem persists, contact Microsoft Product Support.

    Off course i tried the suggested solution, but it didnt help. I have been doing some register tweaking lately, so i think it might be related to the problem.

    Any ideas on how to solve this? On which services does Remote assistance depend? I couldnt find any usefull info on Technet..


  6. Found a faulty tweak:

    ;AMD Processor Fix ,dword:00000100= 256KB SecondLevel Cache, dword:00000200 = 512KB SecondLevel Cache

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]"SecondLevelDataCache"=dword:00000200

    On Microsoft's website you can read this:

    Do not change the SecondLevelDataCache entry

    Some third-party sources have erroneously reported that modifying the SecondLevelDataCache registry entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet

    \Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

    can enhance system performance. The second level (L2) cache is recognized by the operating system and is fully utilized regardless of the setting of this parameter.

    The other tweaks are great, but i can't find on how to disable "Use the following transition effect for menus and tooltips" in Display Properties-Effects...

    Any input greatly appreciated :)

  7. I also tried doing what you suggested Don and still have the same effects.  Also, I just realized that its not just folders that have this issue... I just experienced a couple files that arent showing up amongst others that are.

    Well, not that it should make any difference, but I plan on reformatting the share host and one of the client pcs having the issues accessing the shares, with an un-altered winxp source.

    Just to let you guys know: I reformatted the host pc and the problem is gone :thumbup

  8. What OS are the files being shared from?
    Winxp sp2
    What OS are the folders not showing up on?

    Winxp sp2

    Do the files/folders not show up when accessed by any PC, or do they display fine on some, missing on others?
    Files/folders do not show up, regardless which pc i use.
    Is there anything you can think of that the affected folders have in common? (length of name, specific characters in the name, share folder depth, etc...)

    Nope, it worked in the past, i can't think of a reason why it isn't working now.

    Will the folder show up if you use a mapped drive when mapping via ComputerName?
    Will the folder show up if you use a mapped drive when mapping via IP?

    Most of the time the folders show up when i connect via IP... but i just noticed something weird again; sometimes it works with ip, sometimes it works with hostname..


  9. Question to ppl having this issue:

    Are you seeing that the folders which dont show up are the same folders every time or are you finding that one folder may show up sometimes, but not others?

    It are the same folders and files all the time, it's really weird. I changed permissions like 20 times now and it are still the same folders who refuse to show up or to display their contents :blink:

  10. Netbios is enabled on all pc's, all hidden folders and files are unhidden.

    I can see some of the folders and files by using the hostname, but some folders/files are not shown because of some reason. When I use the IP I see all files/folders..

    I've been suggested to clear netbios cache (nbtstat -r /nbtstat -rr), but that didn't help either. I also have a router (dlink di604).

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