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  1. That is very strange. I just done slipstream using your source and new cabs were created. But, you said that when you installed that Office, Microsoft Update required all post SP3 updates, but not SP3, which means that cabs were updated. You can also verify, if you open for example Word, and the select Help -> About. Cheers No, the cabs were not updated. There is no SP3 showing in the "about" after the install. I agree it's strange that MS Update just gave me the post-sp3 updates as necessary. Maybe because of the xml and setup and other files that were updated. I happy to do some step-by
  2. well the 84 cab files in the destination folder (and the iso) are bit-for-bit) the same and have the dame modification date (8/15/2008 when I made the source folder from CD) so, that certainly leads me to believe they aren't updated. Can I provide you some additional information? -marsha
  3. Hello mara- Unfortunately, I'm back. I just downloaded the latest fixes from MS, and version 1.7.2 of the slipstreamer. It doesn't work for me. I've attached the log file. Everything looks just fine there to me, but the final folder (and iso) doesn't have new cab files, rather the old ones. The result of that is the iso does an install of office just fine - then MS Update tells me I need all the hotfixes since SP3. My suspicion is that you are creating the new cab's and then not copying them from temp back to the destination folder. But you know more about this than I do. What else can I provi
  4. Are the security updates KB950241 for Word and KB943985 v2 for Excel no longer needed? Thanks
  5. Sorry to ask something that is probably obvious, but mu nLited version of XP Pro has lost the Standby and Hibernate options. I'm sure it's something I removed, but I don't know what. Any pointers to where I can find out? -marsha Enough searching led me to the answer - nothing to do with anything I removed. It appears that Standby and some other power options are disabled until I install video drivers - weird, but true.
  6. mara- My apologies - the log I uploaded was wrong because I terminated the program when I saw the "slipstream failed" message. This has the log attached I meant to send you. To be clear, no the program has never crashed on me, just that one hang. My source is really pristine - it's the original MS CD. You may recall from earlier posts about 1.6.2 that I always got a "incorrect key" message when I had copied the CD to a folder on disk, and I went to using the CD directly. BTW, if it's not an administrator install, why bother with the requirement for a key to be entered at all - it will be asked
  7. Hi mara- 1.7b2 still doesn't seem to work at all for me. After my hang (see #5 above), I erased all files, reinstalled, and started over. This time no hang and it looked like a good start. The service pack slipstreamed just fine, the first hotfix did also, then the rest of the hotfixes failed. I repeated this three times, changing the order of the hotfixes with no joy - first on is ok, all the rest fail. I'll attach a log file, if that helps. As an aside, I don't think the chained install is working either. I can browse and select a file, but clicking on the ADD button has no effect. Hoping fo
  8. mara- I certainly applaude what you are trying to do. Since this version will give me more what I need, I'm giving it a try. This is what you suggested in the 1.6.2 thread. I did read the Help and realize it can be slow, but so far, it's more than slow. It's using all of one core on an 8600 CPU and is now 7 hours into doing the Creating file list necessary... Either it's too slow to be useful for real work, or there is a bug that has it hung up and nothing is being reported. Either way, I don't really know what to do that's helpful to you or me in this situation. Advise? -marsha
  9. Hello, I have a question that's important to me and my users. A direct install from the MS CD of Office 2003 creates the MSOCache file for future fixes and updates. There seems to be no MSOCache created after I use this slipstreamer. How come, and could it become an option? Thanks -marsha
  10. I understand, and I'm very thankful for you efforts (on everything, including a very useful tool). My paths for the inputs are shown clearly in my first post (about 3 previous to this.) My output path was supposed to be G:\OfficeCD I hope this is helpful. I'm happy to try (test) any new version at your request. Marsha
  11. Hello Mara, Thanks for the prompt reply. I've done some more tests, and my situation is mysterious, beyond me. To your points: 1. The key was both copied and manually entered on multiple tries. No joy! 2. I tried 5-6 times. Nothing changed (I did all this before posting.) 3. Setup.ini wasn't altered. The folder Office 2003 was simply created by doing a copy/paste of the contents of my original MS CD. The displayed version is correct. Now to what I've found mysterious and to make it work. Simply use the CD as the source, not the copy to my folder on the hard drive. I have no idea what's differe
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