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  1. Well, I vote for this solution. Update to Win2K SP4 , with all extras would be great. To be honest, I don't know enyone who still use Windows 2000 without SP4. File will be much smaller (I guess), so it would be easier to download and faster to implement.
  2. Hi! I am having BIG trouble with M$ RIS. I use Windows 2003 Server Standard + SP1. Here is what I do: 1. Install RIS on server 2. Create flat (CD-based) image, through RIS Setup wizard 3. I use this image to install my computer. Everything is OK, setup format disk, install OS (in my company, we still use Windows 2000 Pro) and connect it to domain. 4. On this new computer, I apply all patches (Windows Update) + install all necessary software. 5. Next step is to make image of this new computer on server, so I can use it to install new machines. As Help says, I do it with Riprep.exe. Everything is OK so far, no errors. Image is created successfully, no errors reported. 6. Now, problems - I try to install new computer with this image. I boot new computer from network, type username and password, choose image from menu, and installation starts. Setup is started and hard disk is formatted. And now - problem: blue screen whit white letters and error message: System cannot copy \device\harddisk0\partition1\arcldr.exe and, there is information that if I install from CD, I must have it in drive etc. If I try to skip this file, same error accurs with every file from image. It seems that setup cannot access any file from image. I tried everything - reinstal RIS, make new images... I even phoned M$ support. They said that this is interesting problem and never called me back. I forgot to say that new computer have identical hardvare as computer used to create image from. What should I do? Before W2k3 Server, i used W2k Server, and there were no problems. I hate to go back.
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