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  1. Just did a NLite install of windows xp sp2, and upon installing office 2k3 i cannot install all of the updates from the office update site, i get errors saying the updates could not be installed, nothing to say why, it's the same when i download them and try to install them after, can anyone give me a list of what i shouldn't disable on NLite if i wanna install office 2k3 after? Cheers.
  2. oops, just read your post again, so i slipstream them in using your driverpacks, only use NLite to rip the s*** out that i dont want, and then upgrade the windows preinstalled drivers once im in windows. Can i use NLite to slipstream chipset/graphics/sound drivers?
  3. ok, so i slipstream the driverpack in using NLite, then upgrade the raid drivers once i got windows installed?
  4. I am using NLite to integrate my nvidia raid drivers into the install so i don't have to use a floppy. When i try to install with my NLite image, the text based part of the install goes fine and it detects my raid array correctly, but when the machine reboots to go to the GUI part of the install i keep getting blue screens with a stop 0x00000007b error. Using different settings doesn't seem to change anything. If anyone could advise me on this i would be grateful. Thanks

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