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  1. Assuming odbcjt32.dll is located in the folder c:\windows\system, and further assuming that you have copied the new file to c:\windows\temp, do the following:

    Using NOTEPAD, open the file c:\windows\wininit.ini

    Add the following two lines:



    Restart WinME

    HTH - Andreas

  2. Use a VB script (WMI is required also):

    strComputer = "."
    Set wbemServices = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer)
    Set wbemObjectSet = wbemServices.InstancesOf("Win32_LogicalMemoryConfiguration")
    For Each wbemObject In wbemObjectSet
       WScript.Echo "Total physical memory (KB): " & wbemObject.TotalPhysicalMemory

  3. * It would be quite good to also be able to delete the MSN icon from the desktop automatically. Its annoying that if you forget to delete it before trying to get on the net, a completely unwanted invitation to connect to MSN appears. Apparently the Batch98 utility was designed to achieve this but it doesn't work (even if you just try it without ANY updates at all), and there was also a Dec 2004 KB article that showed how to do it, but that doesn't work either. (Actually it may work but the code was posted without any context - its unclear which other settings need to appear in tandem.) I've also tried RegShot (paraglider version - thanks eidenk) but not extensively, to no avail.

    I have managed to remove the MSN icon, but at the ultimate stage of the setup

    process (after logon) two RunOnce jobs are active which put back that @*~!§$ icon :(

  4. I'd also like to automatically set the vcache parameter in Win.ini

    I guess you mean system.ini. Add this to your msbatch.inf:

    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "32BitDiskAccess=on"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "32BitFileAccess=on"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "PagingDrive=C:"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "PagingFile=C:\PAGEFILE.SYS"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "MinPagingFileSize=200704"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "MaxPagingFileSize=200704"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "WindowUpdateTime=1"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "LocalLoadHigh=1"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "VGA MonoText=Off"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "Text=Off"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1"
    %10%\system.ini, vcache, , "MaxFileCache=32768"
    %10%\system.ini, vcache, , "ChunkSize=2048"


    NEVER set a maximum for the swap file unless you REALLY need to do so.

    NEVER use ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 unless you REALLY need to do so.

    (Why should one downgrade to the legacy W95 mode of swap handling?)

    Naming the swap file Pagefile.sys (only) makes sense when the swap file

    is shared with another OS which uses a swap file with that name.

    The value for MaxFileCache might be way too small for many machines -

    individual adjustment is required.

    The ChunkSize setting is questionable.

  5. - Copy the W98 installation folder from the setup CD to your harddisk.

    - Copy the drivers which you want to add to your harddisk.

    - Unpack or extract the drivers, so INFINST can find the required .inf files.

    - Run INFINST to add the driver files to the setup files.

    - Make a new W98 setup CD.

  6. A few questions/remarks:

    - launch.bat & install.bat are missing

    - the script refers to ie6sp1.bat, ie6_98.bat is shown; are these files identical?

    - update3.bat is shown, but nowhere refered to

    - does dx9.bat look similar to ie6sp1.bat (ie6_98.bat)?

    Regarding the logon prompt:

    fantomcat's hint did the trick for me (add the line e. g. to the OPKInstall section):

    ; The line below turns off the user logon going into Windows (needed for

    ; factory configuration portion of Express setup).

    HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Network\Real Mode Net","autologon",1,00000000"

    (maybe this only works if "Windows logon" is used)

    Regarding monitor drivers:

    I injected the .inf file for my monitor via INFINST into the WIN98 setup folder.

    Because my monitor is not 100% DDC(?) compatible it was not

    automatically detected by w98. Therefore I took a snapshot before and

    after I set up the monitor in the display properties using REGSHOT,

    compared these snapshots using REGSHOT, and finally built a .reg file

    according to the difference of these two shots.

    REGSHOT v1.72: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download965.html



  7. I have a 63 GiB partition on a 100 GB drive. This partiton has about 40 GB of files on it.

    This partition is much smaller than the claimed Scandskw (Windows ScanDisk) limit of 127 GiB.

    Scandskw fails with an out of memory error when trying to scan this partition. I have 1 GB of RAM, so this error is bogus.

    It's Windows ME Scandisk too, since I installed 98SE2ME.

    From http://support.microsoft.com/kb/229154/EN-US/ :

    This problem may occur if either of the following conditions is true:

    • You are running Windows on a hard disk that is larger than 8 gigabytes (GB)

    and that has a cluster size that is smaller than 8 kilobytes (KB).

    This configuration may occur if you use a third-party disk tool to create a partition

    on a hard disk that is larger than 8 GB and that has a cluster size that is smaller

    than 8 KB.


    • You are running Windows on a very large hard disk that has a default Windows

    cluster size of 32 KB.

  8. Is there any known length limit?

    from http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/in...fb2d300.xml.asp :

    "INF Size Limits

    A Windows 9x/Me INF file cannot be larger than 64 kilobytes.

    There is no practical limit to the size of an INF file for NT-based systems.

    Unless otherwise restricted in this documentation, the maximum length of

    any INF file field is 512 characters (including a terminating NULL character).

    Note, however, that Plug and Play may impose a more restrictive limit

    for certain INF file fields that it recognizes or uses, such as device description,

    driver provider, and device manufacturer."



  9. Replace your keyboard with a known good one.

    A key which, let's say, works fine with and without the SHIFT key

    is no proof that a problem with that key in combination

    with the ALT/ALT GR is NOT hardware related - even if

    the ALT/ALT GR key works fine in combination with other keys.

    BTW: Which operating system are you using?

    Which type of keyboard (serial, PS/2, USB) are you using?

  10. how to change logo.sys & logow.sys & logos.sys with with this batch?

    Not tested, but should work:

    To change logo.sys, logos.sys, and logow.sys, simply copy your

    .sys files to the Windows 98 installation folder (\Win98). These files

    will be copied to the right place by the setup procedure automatically.

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