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  1. Hi mats, thank you very much for your detailed guide! I finally found the problem with my image - I used the ramdriv.sys from BartPE 3.14. This one is not working! You have to use the ramdriv.sys from BartPE 3.13. They both have the same version but differ in size. Small difference- big problem Thanks for your help Schra
  2. First of all - if I use the guide http://www.wug-nordic.net/articles/winpe_ramdrive.htm everything is fine (when not booting directly into the PE2005-ramdisk) If I use the same image for booting into the ramdisk the ramdrive wont work anymore. I tried as mentioned in a few postings above: - deleted the ramdrv.inf - replaced the ramdrv.sys with the one from BartPE 3.14 (V. This settings do not work even without using the ramdisk mode Any ideas? Can someone describe please in detail every setting not covered by the guide http://www.wug-nordic.net/articles/winpe_ramdrive.htm ? Thanks
  3. Hi Twist, can you please explain the way you got the ramdisk inside the WinPE2005 ramdrive working? Thanks Schra
  4. Hi, the ramdrive in the guide works for me with WinPE2005. But when I try to boot WinPE2005 into it's new ramdisk the writeable ramdisk won't work anymore. Any ideas? Thanks Schra

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