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  1. I found the solution over at 911cd.net. If crossposting like that is frowned upon, I apologize. Anyway, the solution is to enable RpcSS DComLaunch when building Win2K3 SP1 BartPE. In addition, the DcomLaunch.Inf file needs to be modified in that Addreg.2600 section needs to be copied and made into an Addreg.3790 section (just change the section name). Thanks for your replies
  2. Hello all, I've been reading here for quite some time but never had a need to post until now. I've tried to build a BartPE from my 2003 Server SP1 source as I don't have access to WinPE 1.6, but Diskpart.exe does not work, giving an error that Disk management services can't complete the operation. As stated in the topic, I'm using PE Builder 3.1.3 and 2003 Server SP1 source. Thank you in advance. Edit: I should mention that I'm using PXE boot with the resultant image.
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