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  1. Hello, as in the topic title and description I found out that IE 7, Firefox, Down Them All (a Firefox extension), Free Download Manager and so on do not detect the right download rate. How do I know that? Because if you go into the resource panel that you access by the task manager then you will see your real download rate. In my case 5 Mb/s. So, I downloaded netlimiter2 pro and I gave it a shot. Well, this does detect my download rate properly. I guess that many people experiencing the slow download rate issue could be affected by the same bug. So, I hope that someone now will try to figure out with me what's wrong and if there's a "home made patch" or a register key to modify to solve the issue. Thank you very much for help. Cheers, Davide
  2. Hello Lorenzo, I am Italian like you. I study computing science at university and I have given an exam on XML and such. As far as I've known so far there are some files with XML structure to edit. If you want I'm glad to help ya with further releases. I suggest you to use Notepad++ for getting text highlighting, it's kind of light and fits good our purpose. In case you need it ask my MSN or ICQ ID in PM. Greetings, Deviad
  3. I'm working on something and I need to upgrade the file shell32.dll to the version 6.0. At least I need to add someway a function included into Windows xp's one that is: "SHGetFolderPathAndSubDirW". Thanks forward for help.
  4. I found the drivers better explained on the cd-rom coming with the DFI. But I still want to know PureKrome's method.
  5. Hello guys, I had a look at the ata raid section before to post this, anyways this is. I have got a DFI Lanpary D sli which comes with a floppy containing all the drivers for the SATA RAID controller. Inside the floppy there are 3 directories: one called silicon has got the raid drivers, the next one called silicon5 has got the soft raid drivers and the last called nvidia. So, since the drivers are there, I don't guess they put in 3 directories for fun as they all came with the DFI and they all are intended for windows 98se, Windows XP, etc., etc.. For the record, since this might be helpful, I have chosed the cd driver installation method, the one with setuporg.exe and setup.ex_ I'd like to know if the PureKrome method really works and I'd like to have that .zip file since the link is broken and some clarifications from him about his method... I read just the first posts of that thread and there were some people complaining about his method.
  6. OK guys, thx for help. Everything works like a charm now.
  7. I forgot to extract the DirectX cabinet file into a directory under \$OEM$\applications. Now I guess it should work. Is qchain responsable for the system32\inetsrv issue?
  8. Now I have some minor problems: -I have a windows asking me where I want the files to be extracted and of course I want to make it stealth, by default the path is \system32\inetsrv\; -Directx 9.0c syntax error when intalling (I used dxsetup.exe /SILENT as I read somewhere here).
  9. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thx, I will try it now. EDIT: thx man, it works. Tomorrow it will take just few minutes to install everything on the new PC.
  10. Hello people, I read the guide on unattended.msfn.org and after I read 3 more ones, cos the guide left some black holes in my mind. Unlucky, after doing of my best to configure erverything properly, I'm experiencing an error after the first reboot, the one that comes before the real installation process comes, after it has copied all the needed stuff from the CD-ROM. The error window is the following: Since that's an Italian sysgen and prolly most of you are American, this is the translation: "An error that forbids the installation to go on occured. The internal sygen program data structures are damaged. Click ok to view the log." The log isn't much helpful as it says the same. I placed the hotfixes into the \I386\SVCPACK directory, the applications in \$OEM\$1\applications and the drivers in \$OEM\$1\drivers I set the value of OemPreinstall on yes (OemPreinstall=Yes). For better help these are the configiuration files and the shell scripts that I'm using. This is the winnt.sif ---winnt.sif------------ ;SetupMgrTag [Data] Autopartition=0 MsDosInititated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended FileSystem=* OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes TargetPath=\WINDOWS UnattendSwitch="Yes" WaitForReboot="No" OemPnPDriversPath="drivers\001_SMBus;drivers\002_IDE;Drivers\003_AudioDrv;Drivers\004_Ethernet;Drivers\005_Canon" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore AutoActivate=Yes [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=lamiapassword EncryptedAdminPassword=No OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=110 OemSkipWelcome=1 AutoLogon=Yes AutoLogonCount=1 [Display] BitsPerPel=32 XResolution=1024 YResolution=768 Vrefresh=70 [UserData] ProductID=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX FullName="Sick Boy" OrgName=mine ComputerName=phoenix [TapiLocation] CountryCode=39 AreaCode=39 Dialing=Tone [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=10,9,5,8,1,7,4,11,14 SystemLocale=00000410 UserLocale=00000410 InputLocale=0410:00000410 [Identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [Componants] msmsgs=off msnexplr=off OEAccess=off media_clips=off Accessopt=off AutoUpdate=off templates=off Clipbook=off hypertrm=off pinball=off freecell=off minesweeper=off solitaire=off spider=off hearts=off zonegames=off -------------------------------------------------------- These are the shell scripts -------------------applications.cmd------------------ CLS @echo off TITLE Windows XP SP1 - Unattended Installation echo Installazione del Windows Media Player 10 ... start /wait %systemdrive%\applications\mp10setup.exe /Q:A /R:N /C:"setup_wm.exe /DisallowSystemRestore /Q:A /R:N" echo. echo Installazione di NET Framework 1.1 ... start /wait %systemdrive%\applications\netfrwrk\netfx.msi /QB echo. echo Installazione di NET Framework 1.1 SP1 ... start /wait %systemdrive%\applications\netfrwrk\ntfxsp1.exe /QB echo. echo Installazione di Java 2 Runtime,SE 1_5_0_03 start /wait %systemdrive%\applications\Java.exe /S /v/qn echo. echo Installazione di DirectX 9.0c start /wait %systemdrive%\applications\DXSETUP.EXE /SILENT echo. echo Disattivazione della Previsualizzazione d'immagini regsvr32.exe -u -s shimgvw.dll echo. EXIT ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------clean.cmd--------------------------------------------- cmdow @ /HID @echo off shutdown.exe -r -f -t 60 -c "Windows XP will now restart in 1 minute..." net user aspnet /delete echo Cancellazione delle cartelle temporanee ... cmd /c rd /s /q %systemdrive%\applications\ cmd /c rd /s /q %systemdrive%\drivers\ echo. echo Terminato. EXIT -------------------------------------------- ----------this is the svcpack.inf file---------- ;Windows XP [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2600 [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\SVCPACK" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] [SetupHotfixesToRun] KB814078.exe /Q:A /R:N KB823182.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB823353.exe /Q:A /R:N KB824105.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB825119.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB826939.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB828035.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB828741.exe /Q /O /N /Z "Q832483.exe /C:"dahotfix.exe /q /n" /q:a KB833987.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB835732.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB837001.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB840315.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB840374.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB840987.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB841356.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB841533.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB841873.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB871250.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB873339.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB873374.exe /Q:A /R:N (HALT BOX) KB873376.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB885835.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB885836.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB889293.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB890175.exe /passive /norestart /quiet KB890830.exe /q KB891711.exe /passive /norestart /quiet qchain.exe -------------------------------------------- Finally, these are the contents of the cmdlines.txt file ------------------------------------------------- [Commands] "applications.cmd" "users.cmd" "regedit /s regtweaks.reg" "clean.cmd" -------------------------------------------------- Thx in advance for help and I apologize for my bad English whether I made some mistakes, but I'm Italian.
  11. I tryed to put the default unattended.txt, but I get the same...
  12. Hello guys, I've spent a few hours to apply all the tweaks as this is the first time I remaster my Windows XP. I did everything by hand, I didn't use nLite and I followed the guide with a few looks at this forum since there were some mistakes into the guide or there were somethings missing. Getting straight to the point, after I finally made the ISO, I installed and executed VPC 5.2 I have 2 errors: - the first that I notice at first sight is that there's no background image (there's a blue background, but not the classical windows xp one with the installation progress bar and all the descriptions changing as the installation goes on. May It be a concequence of unattended.txt file editing into this? -------------------------------------------------------------------- ;SetupMgrTag [Data] AutoPartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=No TargetPath=\WINDOWS [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX EncryptedAdminPassword=Yes OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=110 OemSkipWelcome=1 AutoLogon=Yes AutoLogonCount=1 [userData] ProductID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX FullName="spotted" OrgName="hacklab" ComputerName=phoenix [TapiLocation] CountryCode=39 AreaCode=39 [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=10,9,5,8,1,7,4,11,14 SystemLocale=00000410 UserLocale=00000410 InputLocale=0410:00000410 [identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [Display] BitsPerPel=8 Xresolution=800 YResolution=600 Vrefresh=70 [GuiRunOnce] %Cdrom%\WPI\WPI.cmd %Cdrom%\WPI\cleanup.cmd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The latest issue concerns tightly the Virtual machine as at a certain point in time it says that my virtual memory isn't enough and the installation stops... so I dunno whether, even without the background image and the installation progress bar, the installation will finish fine or not. Can anyone help me to solve this background issue? EDIT: just for the record, on the guide it was written about a file referred as winnt.sif, on my windows xp it's called unattended.txt. (I have a Windows XP coroporate edition copy). Obviously, thx in advance for help.

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