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  1. I doubt it's even "until" December. Think about it, if it was "until December" it would certainly mean they have discovered the FW fault and they have fixed it, hence they started to fit new drives with the new FW. As there is no new FW I can imply they haven't fixed it yet. They probably said December because that's probably the latest batch of drives available in retail stores, but I bet all the ones they got in the factories are also going to have to get the new FW too. I believe you are correct. The point here is that they need to update the KB article because the current statement written there tries to say that the problem is only with December drives, which we all know is not true!
  2. No this is FALSE ! Wasn't in December only, they really should meant UNTIL december are affected. I have two drives from August and they died. Btw the direct link is: https://apps1.seagate.com/rms_af_srl_chk/ Gradius Umm, No my statement is not false. I said they are obviously updating the situation, which is true. At first they didn't admit anything, and now they have posted a KB about it. Then I gave an example of how the information was misleading in the KB article. I quote "Seagate has isolated this issue to a firmware bug affecting drives from these families manufactured in December 2008." I said that although they claim in the KB that only December drives were affected, there are obviously drives from before then also affected. You are correct, it SHOULD say something like you suggest, like UNTIL December 2008 at least. So my statement agrees with what you said in response after that, yet you wrote my statement is FALSE.
  3. One other thing to keep in mind is that they are obviously updating the situation as they learn more. For example, the KB article says it is only drives which were manufactured in December, but their serial number checker tool says my drives ARE affected, and they were manufactured long before December.
  4. I just checked from the web page and I have a large server FULL of the faulty drives. The Seagate tool says they ARE affected by the problem. However, my drives are ES.2 (NS) drives on a SAS controller, so they were already flashed to AN05 a long time ago. I am now wondering if they are still impacted or if they are impacted only if I had the original SN05 loaded that they came with. Anyway, I will let everyone know what support says in this particular scenario.