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  1. WindowsXP-KB007-Firefox-x86-DEU.EXE all you need
  2. http://iamnotageek.com/articles.php?aid=43
  3. thanks maverick! my vmware wont run stable with the vmware-tools! is not possible to create a shared folder for me. have anybody some other ideeas? PS: where can i get the "w2kdatacenter.DAT"
  4. the setup of win2k and winxp-home will have floppy disks! why? http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/2000.htm example: in my boot folder (2pro) i have copied the 4 floppy images for floppy boot! what now? please help!!! sorry for my bad english
  5. sorry for my bad english. do somebody know where i get a list of all hotfixes after sp1. the release date is important. thanx shiver

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