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  1. I badly need to backup this 37 GB drive to my External HDD but I am constantly getting this message on the half way through. what a nuisance. Any software or trick to copy seamlessly without any glitch?
  2. jnathan

    Memory Dumping problem

    System --------- Core Duo, 3.06 CPU, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, HDD: 80 GB, 160 GB, Graphics built in. Memory dumping problem occurring in every 10 minutes. Here is the error report XP SP3 installed.
  3. jnathan

    Cant access Windows 7 Shared drive from XP Pro

    I used the Network and sharing option and gave explicit permission to all. I'll later withdraw it once my file transfer is done. Windows 7 and Vista indeed is complex. very hard to migrate from XP to them. thanks all !
  4. I have shared C:\ in Windows 7 and now want to access that drive from a networked XP machine. Couldnt do it. it asks me this what to put in those boxes? I have given Administrator, Admin but neither works. There is no password to enter into that 7 machine.
  5. I want top 2" free Down 1.5 inches Where is "this page only" , it was present in Word 2003. but where in Word 2007? What I want to do it to have different page margin setup for different pages, but here I can see in Word 2007 there are two options only: Apply to and This point Forward.
  6. Hi I need a Free Tiny Software for logging my daily download/upload rate. so that it starts auto with xp. I wanna know how much I download/upload everyday/month.
  7. It worked ! Thanks all. I unchecked the entry from Spybot S&D and its working.
  8. Can you locate me the exact entry where its situated in msconfig? I dont seem to find it exactly. there is no such entry inside msconfig. Any other way? O googled, No result. Strange !!!
  9. Today afterconnecting a thumb drive with this PC, the AV showed and cleaned the backdoor Trojan. But now a message appears just after the welcome screen and want me to click ok every time I log in to XP. Whats this "is-B0DS7.exe" image attached. How can I remove this message?
  10. We have some 700 users all accross the country, they use mobile phones to dial into this server that has 15 mobile phones ( they have built in modems) connected to it to accept these incoming connections. The fact is, although the remote users disconnect their connection from their end after they are done with sending data to this server, these established connections still stay idle here in this server; so other users trying to enter into the server gets busy tone. What I am doing now is disconnecting these connections by going to each of them in every 15-20 minutes time which is very very annoying and time consuming and sometimes I forget it. As these modems are running on standard modem driver, there is no setting here that would disconnect idle connections after a certain period of time. The OS is Windows 2000 Server. is there any solution to this problem that would disconnect these connections from my end in every 10 minutes to let other users to connect to the server? Can i use any 3rd party software or any script or anything? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  11. I have this Server which accepts incoming connections from 300 users in rotation, this server has 15 standard modems installed for this purpose. Now recently I have transfered this Server and now wanna set the same User rights for all , How can i do it alltogether without by going to the User right of each user? I want then to have their password never changed and so that password never expires. Now the hassle I am having is that I am having to go to each user's profile and then tick those two choices for each user. here are the screen shots. http://aycu10.webshots.com/image/13529/200...55287301_rs.jpg http://aycu19.webshots.com/image/16218/200...28599499_rs.jpg
  12. jnathan

    Cannot Ping Home Network's PC

    No Luck, ICMP is enabled for all connections. But no Luck ! Rem SP2 is not installed on XP box.
  13. A Tiny Home Network. This 2k3 box is working as a proxy server. using CCproxy as proxy server on this box. I have 3 NICs on this Box as i dont have any router. I use NIC1 for the ISP and NIC2 for my home network. i use NIC3 for another PC. I have only One PC connected to that NIC2. Problem is: I have Installed SP1 on this 2k3 and now Enabled Firewall for NIC1 but NIC2 is free from any Firewall. Workstation can Ping my Server but i cant Ping WS from the server. Why is that? I can browse All the shared folder on WS. All the services can be accessed from that WS. ONLY PROB IS PING !!!! Attahced is my Settings.