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  1. Mimo, very impressive work you did on updating of the list! I just updated my install disk and installed from it. No problems at all. Went perfectly! Thank you so very, very much for all of the hard work you do and share with the rest of us! Much appreciated! Lilla
  2. Do you mean MS10-42 is not listed in the change log? It is listed under 2010-07-15 Sorry, my mistake. Don't know how I missed it, but I sure did! yes, good idea... Next week new updates are coming and with this I'll add filever also. thx Thank you! Hmm... I'm sure it's correct but probably a little MSXML-updates-matrix will be usefull. When I have time i will create this... Thank you!You are amazing! How you manage this complex list is beyond me! Lilla
  3. Mimo, I'm confused. I receive the two messages (not found, and missing) below from hfslipfc.exe. It doesn't seem to me that I should receive these messages since I have the alternatives (shown in bold below) installed. My last build was on 2010-06-14, and I did not receive these messages at that time. hfslipfc-xp.ini HIGH-PRIORITY= OPTIONAL=1 HOTFIXES= Found non-existing update(s) for Windows XP SP3 ---------------------------------------------------- not found (H): HF\WindowsXP-KB973687-x86-ENU.exe (Update for Windows XP (MSXML 3 & MSXML 6)) missing (S): HF\WindowsXP-KB954459-x86-ENU.EXE (MS08-069: XML Core Services (MSX ML6)) Details on the above, are shown below... 2008-11 MS08-069: Microsoft XML Core Services 1. Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 2. Microsoft XML Core Services 6.0 The high-priority KB973687 replaces KB954459. The optional KB973685 replaces KB954430. Important; KB954430; MSXML4: msxml4-KB954430-XXX.exe Important; KB954459; WindowsXP-KB954459-x86-XXX.exe 2009-11 Update for Windows XP (MSXML3 & MSXML6) The high-priority KB973687 replaces KB954459 (MS08-069). Because the MSXML3-part of KB973687 was replaced by KB2079403, KB973686 now replaces KB973687. High-Priority; KB973687; WindowsXP-KB973687-x86-XXX.exe Lilla
  4. Mimo, Suggestion: Add filever.exe to "Table 6: Files used by HFSLIP" Reason: I deleted my SOURCE folder, intending to reload it after updating my source files using hfslipfc.exe When I ran hfslipfc.exe I got this error message: Cannot check version of Windows Media Player 11 (HFTOOLS\filever.exe is not available) file:\HF\wmp11-windowsxp-x86-ENU.exe expected version: 11.0.5721.5262 To correct the above I loaded the SOURCE folder then extract filever.exe from \SOURCE\SUPPORT\TOOLS\SUPPORT.CAB I then renamed the source folder so I could tell if hfslipfc.exe was using filever.exe in HFTOOLS When I ran hfslipfc.exe again it used the copy of filever.exe in HFTOOLS - so it worked as expected! Lilla
  5. Mimo, I noticed this minor omission... The Change-Log of the Windows XP Service Pack 3 Update-List is missing an entry for... Added MS10-042 Help and Support Center (critical) KB2229593 This entry is dated 2010-07-11 Thank you for maintaining this GREAT list. I rely upon it. Lilla
  6. I compared beta g with beta h and I found no differences regarding this bevahior. My understanding always was that HFSLIP removes the extracted files (from hfslip extracted) and leaves the manually extracted file as they are. Hummm, apparently then I saw these leftover files when a process got interrupted and then when I didn't see them again I drew a wrong conclusion. Thanks for clarifying for me. Lilla
  7. Mimo, It seems to me that 1.7.10 beta H no longer extracts... o wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe to HF\WMP11 and o directx_feb2010_redist.exe to HFCABS At least the extracted files are not present on my PC (as they used to be) when HFSLIP is done. Thus, I'm wondering are the hints below still needed for 1.7.9 (final)? Otherwise, perhaps they can be removed now... WMP11: Windows Media Player 11 When getting “Can not copy…” during the install text-mode copy part (possible on some OSs and some languages), extract the WMP11 installer to HF\WMP11 before running HFSLIP. DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes Feb 2010 (9.28.1886). When you extract it manually to HFCABS, use all files MonthYear_*_x86.cab, except for *mdx* Just a thought, Lilla
  8. Excuse me Lilla, but did you mean to say that you plan to EXCLUDE those three printer updates, ie NOT use them, or that you plan to NOT exclude them, ie USE them? From the context of your message you caught me off guard - I expected you to say the opposite of what you did. Cheers and Regards Thank you. My mistake. I plan to EXCLUDE those three printer updates in my HFSLIP build. I fixed the wording in my post now.
  9. I agree - the "hotfix"-text in the setup-window of an update is not really relevant. And I agree with your decision to not change these three printer updates from Optional to Hotfix. If you decide to keep them in the list then I offer this idea for your consideration. Change the hint for each of these three printer updates to something like this... (when .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is also being integrated into HFSLIP) Note. Your current hint says .NET Framework 3.51 SP1, but is it really 3.51?) Note. Your current hint is different for KB971276 than it is for the other two, but I think it should be the same. The above wording would advise most people to exclude these updates. However, consider this: Two of these three printer updates are mentioned on the Silent .NET Maker synthesized 20100118 - W2K/XP/2K3 x86 (compatible with HFSLIP) website. If they are being integrated there (I haven't yet taken the time to determine if they are or not), then they do not need to be integrated here. Right? When one uses .NET Maker's result with HFSLIP how does it work? Does HFSLIP integrate .NET with windows, or does HFSLIP simply install .NET after it installs Windows? If, as I suspect, it does the later then I think that including these three printer updates in HFSLIP would likely result in blocking the installation of 'Micosoft XPS Document Writer' the same as I experience (FYI, I don't include .NET in my HFSLIP build). In other words, including .NET in your HFSLIP build does not necessarily mean you should include these three printer updates in your HFSLIP build. Tommyp's comments here seem to support removing these updates. Removing them makes sense to me. Lilla
  10. Kiki, Thanks for sharing your thought. It is relevant to this discussion for sure. A while back I had a look at that site, but I wasn't comfortable with all the decisions about what to include and exclude so I didn't try it. Doesn't mean it isn't great and wonderful, just that I decided I didn't want to spend the time it would take to get my mind wrapped around all the decisions involved. As it is, I simply install .NET Framework immediately after I install Windows. I install it from Microsoft/Windows Update. I'm OK with this. Lilla
  11. All KB articles say what software is affected. In the case of the XPS printer one, the article said something along the lines of .net 3. Remember, .net3 is a separate program, just like MS Office. It's not part of the OS install disk. HFSLIP pretty much concentrates on OS specific things, not post install stuff like office, .net, other. Tommyp, Thank you for that clarifying explanation. When I think about it that way, it makes total sense to me that I should EXCLUDE those three printer updates in my HFSLIP build.
  12. I'm glad too. It feels good to have figured it out, and in only 8 iterations. Thanks for your support and guidance. To reconsider what updates I was including was good advise, and is how I found the problem. However sometimes even after reading the KB article, it is hard to know if one should include or exclude an update. This is certainly the case with these three printer updates. Now I need to figure out if after installing from an HFSLIP build that does not include these three printer updates, should I install all/some/none of these three printer updates after I install the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (KB951847) update from Windows Update. I install .NET Framework immediately after installing Windows. Lilla
  13. mimo, Noticed minor issue on update list. KB954708 shown below links to KB969395. mimo's update list (Last list update: 2010, March 31) Lilla
  14. Mimo, Please consider the four changes shown below. Notice the date change on the third item. I understand that it's not always clear whether an update should be classified as "Optional" or "Hotfix". But I wonder if it might be good to mark these three as "Hotfix" (and link to this post) so people will give more thought before including them. When I included these three printer update files in my HFSLIP build I experienced the problem I explain (here). It's a subtle problem. I spent my entire weekend finding the source of the problem and the solution to it. At least now, no one else will need to do the same. mimo's update list (Last list update: 2010, March 31) I have attached screenshots showing the "Hotfix" wording that appeared when I installed these updates manually as part of HFSLIP experiment -c- discussed (here). Lilla
  15. Progress report, insight into the problem, and the solution to the problem. After installing Windows XP Pro from a CD created using HFSLIP. To date I have included all three printer updates (see quote box below), and most of the other updates on mimo's update list. It now appears that one or more of these printer updates is (most likely) causing the problem I am experiencing below. Problem: Printer 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' is not created (as should happen) when 'Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family update (KB951847) x86' is installed. I installed this via Windows Update (or Microsoft Update) immediately after installing Windows. The three updates below (on mimo's update list) are related to 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer'. KB971314 says "Therefore, all PCL inbox printer driver installations are unsuccessful." So I began to wonder if installing one/all of these three printer updates (remember these updates were included in the HFSLIP build) on a machine with the problem (defined above) might cause the missing printer to show up. So I tried it on my workbench machine (running build from experiment c, see my earlier post), and it worked - the missing printer suddenly showed up. Here's what I did... o I first installed *KB961118*.exe, restarted computer, printer still missing. o I next installed *KB971314*.exe, restarted computer, printer still missing. o Then I installed *KB91276*.exe, restarted computer, and BAM the missing printer was now there. Actually, the printer showed up (under Control Panel > "Printers and Faxes") as soon as I finished installing this update, before I restarted the computer. I expected that *KB91276*.exe alone was enough, and futher testing confirmed this. mimo's update list (Last list update: 2010, March 31) Experiment -f- I excluded the three printer updates above (also HFAAO, .reg tweaks, sysoc defrag util, and all updates required by Microsoft/Windows updates except those marked High Priority). Test results: This install does not have the problem described above. In other words, after installing the .NET Framework component (via Windows Update), the printer 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' now exists (as should happen). Experiment -g- I added back all except the three printer updates. In other words, my normal build except that I leave out these three printer updates. Test results: same as -g- results above. Experiment -h- Do a test to confirm that including these printer updates causes the problem described above. To do this test I added back in the three printer updates. In other words, this test includes the same files as -g- except that here I INCLUDE the three printer updates EXCLUDED in -g-. Test results. Indeed, the problem (as described above) exists with this build. My conclusion: Including these three printer files in my HFSLIP build caused the problem I explained above. It is possible that only one of them is causing the problem, but determining this would require further testing. At this point, it makes sense to me to exclude all three since .NET Framework is not part of my HFSLIP build. Lilla experiment_g_HFSLIP_LOG.zip experiment_h_HFSLIP_LOG.zip
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