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  1. Hello i read here : http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t13559.html that the keyboard mapping could be change in the 40.51 version...Can i change it in the 4074 ? Thanks for your help. P.S : half solved problem, i searched everywhere exept in the easyiest way...(Regional and language options), yep half solved...this part doesn't make the keyboad in the regional settings selected at the user choice...well i will continue my investigation, if you have any idea...
  2. hmm i finally get them works (sorry i forgot the qwerty keyboard) so i installed the 7184 drivers with the modified inf and under administrator acount (always not understood why an acount with administrative right not work) right now all is working perfectly thanks again for your help.
  3. i m uping this thread cause it seems the 7 version of msn have some problems (when sending a message this messenger is crashing) anyone have the same problem with this version ?
  4. ok there this is betterm not totqlly but betterm. I find a modified nv4_disp qnd it seems the driver should be installed...Yes sould be cause when i m selecting the correct card i have an error report i disabled the error report before so i don t have any idea...
  5. yes i just tried this but i doesn t seem to work my 5600 go is not managed by these drivers
  6. the problem with nvidia original drivers is that it doesn t take the Go series...
  7. okay but how to install it manually : i took my drivers here : http://www.station-drivers.com/page/nvidia...eforce%20go.htm and update driver windows don t want to install it...maybe there is something to modify ?
  8. my longhorn version is the 32bits edition so i can easily imagine the default windows driver is 32 bits tooo
  9. Hello to all i recently installed longhorn 4074 on my laptop computer it seems that some of the hardware are detected but...Yes there is a but i tried to put some nvidia modified drivers (modified for the Go series) but it seems i cannot launch the setup file and as suspected i cannot lauch itm i tried to install it by changing the compatibility but nothing to do with it...Is there a way to install these drivers ? Is there a way to find any inf file modified for longhorn ? Thanks for your help
  10. hmm okay but what is in the registry key ? i have the same problem than previously when i'm launching setup.exe /s /v/qb i only have strange icons with ## in front of them and i can't launch it, the only folder where is stored the application is "comon files" if anyone have any idea, thanks
  11. Hello to all, I tried the way to quietly install easy CD5 but strangly all i have is the icons with strange name (##NEW_STRING67##) and all the program group have the same name, i used the quiet install with the msi extension, is that the problem ?
  12. rstryker about winDVD5 it is asking u a mail, a cb number etc, u don't need to enter it in any file ? a reg file ? or are u using de msi package in the system32 directory ? AaronXP the same question for easy CD5....sorry for the conveniance
  13. ok perfect it works, i had some trouble to find it but that's okay, is that possible to make a reg file for the registrations information ?
  14. ok thank u for your aswer, i will test it as soon as possible
  15. Hello to all, My CD is prepared, ready to burn but just before i make it is that possible a silent install of icq ?
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