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  1. finally it works using part pe driver 3.1.3 ! thanks for help!
  2. are you sure about the licence rules - is the recompling of free code not allowed from ms? well has anybody an idea about the error message, trying to access the ramdrive: insufficient system resources exists to complete the requested service. i don't know whats wrong about my system, but how can i get a ramdisk working????
  3. hi there, finally i got my system to boot with the ramdisk. but trying to access it i get the message; insufficient system resources exists to complete the requested service. ramdrv.sys enterprise light would anybody be so nice sending my a recompiled version from ms. well what about the ramdisk.sys included in winpe. could the driver only be used for the cdrom-rom disk booting winpe? thanks in advanced
  4. i only found some information about booting winpe from a ramdisk. but this ram disk is read only - it's a virtual cdrom drive.
  5. hi there, does anybody has a working solution for a writeable ramdisk using winpe2005? following the guide at http://www.wug-nordic.net/articles/winpe_ramdrive.htm, the systems dies with a bluescreen 0xc000021a status 0xc0000034. can the build in ramdisk.sys can be used to build up a writeable ramdisk. or is the ramdisk only for loading any diskimages (<100mb) into a ram-cdrom-drive. thanks for help

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