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  1. I'm installing 98SE on a pesky PC-Chips 598LMR board. Installed Windows, the unofficial SP2, native USB drivers, directx 9.0c, an SiS 6326 PCI card because the junky SiS 530 built in video is totally unsupported by any directX past 7.1.

    All that tricky stuff that'd be impossible for a newbie to get reinstalled properly if the system gets hosed by a virus etc. (I know it'd be tricky because I did something in just the wrong order and hosed IE6's ability to access windows update, amongst other nasty problems. Got it all right the 2nd time!)

    I want to make a bootable CD that'll nuke and pave the system and restore the whole thing to "factory condition" just like what comes with a HP, Dell, Gateway etc box.

  2. I thought of another one.

    "Save the bloody settings immediately!" There are so many things on Windows where settings can be changed but are not actually saved until the program is closed or Windows is restarted.

    This leads to problems when there's a setting that has to be altered to fix a problem, but the pocking thing keeps crashing so the setting doesn't get written because it can't do a normal restart to save the setting change that'll fix the crashing. Ye olde classic 'catch 22'.

    One more.

    "Totally ignore this @#%%ing device!"

    You know what I mean. When you have some built in device on the motherboard and it's "disabled" with a BIOS setting or a jumper, yet Windows still insists on detecting it and attempting to install drivers. You're stuck with this yellow (!) or red X sticking out there in Device Mangler, which just looks bad, and leads the (L)user to trying to "fix" it and mucking up the system.

    Sledgehammer would "invisible" such devices, blocking Windows from showing them in Device Manager, or preferably from even "detecting" them.

    (In an ideal world it'd also THWACK the clooless BIOS coder(s) with a #10 clue-by-four for not doing things properly so a disabled device will be completely ignored!)

  3. As a long time Windows user, since version 3.0, (and DOS since 2.1), I've experienced much of the utterly stupid things in Windows.

    What I've wished for is what I'd call "Sledgehammer For Windows: Make the @#@%# thing work like it ought!"

    Sledgehammer would have features like "Nail it down!" that absolutely blocks ALL attempts by _software_ to bring any window or dialog box to the front, accepting only real mouse clicks or Alt+Tab for bringing windows to the front. This would also have the option to force ALL windows and dialog boxes to create a Taskbar button.

    Another feature would be "HEY! I'm typing here!" that puts a total stop on any attempts by software (ESPECIALLY forms on web pages) to yoink the cursor somewhere other than where the user is entering data. You've all experienced it, you've entered your username and tabbed down to the password field then YOINK you're typing your password in the username field IN THE CLEAR for any shoulder-surfer to see, or you're clear down on the 15th field of a form then ZAPPO! the cursor has been shanghaied back to the top of the page, or just as you hit Ctrl+V to paste into the e-mail body *FWIIIING* it's moved the cursor and you've just pasted a 359 character URL into the To: field.

    Next is the "New Hardware Install Idi*t". Since Windows 95, Microsoft has proven their "skill" at NOT being able to create a "Wizard" that deserves the name.

    As you all know, the "Wizard" creates lists of locations in the Registry that point to where drivers are, where the Windows install files are etc. The stupidity that has been kept through so many versions is that the "Wizard" constantly forgets to use those path lists!

    "New Device found. Duh, where are the drivers?"

    __"Right here!"

    "Awright! Dem's da right ones!"

    "Duh, where are the drivers?"

    __"Right here AGAIN you $#@@$!"

    "Otay!" *copy-copy-copy* BONK.WAV!

    "Duh, where are the Windows xxx install files?"

    __"Oh bloody #%%@#! The exact same place they've been ever since Windows was installed!!!"

    "Otay!" *copy-copy-copy* BONK.WAV!

    "Duh, where are the drivers?"

    __"AAAAAAAAAGHHHHH! Who wrote this POS 'Wizard'?!"


    See, a "New Hardware Install Idi*t" would only need to be told ONCE where anything is. The Idi*t would also allow the user to go DIRECTLY to "Have Disk", bypassing all the PnP and scanning and other useless, time wasting garbage.

    One more fun feature of Sledgehammer would be "Reverse Gear!" which would EXTERMINATE the auto-forward "feature" in web browsers. This would not only stop those annoying website hijacks that zip you off to porn sites, it would also force the browser to make the Back button actually go BACK one page at a time, stopping on any page that bumped you to another page automatically. It would even have a pop-up saying "This page wants to automatically go to another page. Let it do it? / No f-in-way!"

    Yes, Sledgehammer For Windows would have a BAD ATTITUDE because that's what all these STUPID things have caused Windows users to develop. For those of a more 'sensitive' nature, Sledgehammer could be provided with a 'Milquetoast' checkbox that delivers 'work safe' dialogs.

    There's more, but I can't think of them right now at 4:29AM Mountain Daylight Time!

    Please post your own stupid things Windows does, and suitibly "attituded" names for the Sledgehammer feature that'd fix it.

    Then wouldn't it be nice if someone could make Sledgehammer for real? :blink:

    (Yeah, right, dream on! Never happen! My bet is Longhorn still won't be able to remember where anything is.)

    Edit: Just remembered a Windows irritation that lasted from Win95 through 2000. NO ICON GRID! Why was it removed from 95 and why wasn't it restored until XP? Sledgehammer would somehow restore the icon grid feature to Win9x, Me, 2000 and NT4.x.

  4. It wouldn't hurt to install the USB 2.0 drivers, might fix the motherboard resources problem. Could be resources for the USB 2.0 support, eh?

    Go to http://www.driverguide.com The old login for everyone still works. Username is drivers and Password is all.

    Now go to Advanced Search, drop the first box to Names starting with A, then drop to ASUS.

    Drop the next box to USB then click Search Database to bring up everything there for ASUS and USB. There are some USB 2.0 drivers listed, dunno if any will work with your board.

    There are two hits for a 1.3 meg file listed as being for 98SE USB2.0

  5. Is there anything with 2000 Pro that'll let me clenup/compact the Registry like is possible with Win 9x?

    In 9x, boot to DOS mode then enter

    c:\>regedit /e backup.txt

    then wait for the command prompt to return as it exports all valid data.

    Next enter

    c:\>regedit /c backup.txt

    then wait for the counter to hit 100%. (If either step fails, time to nuke and pave.)

    Is there anything similar for 2000 and XP?

    I have NTREGOPT but it doesn't seem to do very much. I know there's a ton of junk in my registry because there's only 0.00001% of software authors knows what "uninstall" should really do... :whistle:

  6. Is there a way to force the USB system tray icon always appear when ANY USB device (other than hubs) is connected?

    Currently it does not appear when I have my Lexar 128meg thumb drive or my USB/IDE cable (with drive attached) plugged in.

    Thus there's no way to tell Windows to stop the device. I just have to wait until I figure any pending writes are done and yank it out, then Windows bitches at me for not using the icon (which isn't in the systray!) to stop the device. :realmad:

    I found the exe it uses for that icon, but with one of these devices plugged in, it won't launch manually.

  7. Is there a way I can make a shortcut directly to Device Manager?

    Don't tell me "It's just one more click."! It's one more layer of obfuscation, one more window to clutter the desktop, more time and worst of all, MORE ANNOYANCE to get to an essential piece of the operating system.

    Did MS bury it even deeper in Longhorn?

  8. When I boot my PC, the floppy drive runs for several minutes, during which time I cannot access it with a disk inserted.

    Also, whenever I plug in a USB storage device the floppy drive activates and runs for several minutes.

    Windows will also seemingly randomly decide that a perfectly good floppy is "not formatted" and refuses to recognize ANY floppy disk until I either reboot or format a floppy, which will take a very long time.

    I've tried many things like hunting though the Registry and zapping all references to A:\ , emptying the Documents menu, there's nothing in the Startup folder except the HotSync manager for my Handspring Visor (which of course was not installed from the floppy) and I forget how many other tips and tricks I've tried!

    I run the latest version of Free AVG 7 antivirus (latest updates of course!) and I regularly scan with Spybot Search & Destroy 1.3 and AdAware SE 5.0. So I'm pretty @#%%@ing certain it's not "malware" or a virus having fun with the floppy.

    I really don't want to "nuke and pave" and reinstall 2000 Pro (slipstreamed to SP4) because I'm on dialup and the post SP4 updates (plus the software I really use) will take me many hours to install. I do video editing on this thing and

    reinstalling will muck up the drive letters etc, which means that I'll have to re-link all the media for every one of my Premiere projetcs. :(

    The box is an ABIT KG7RAID board with an Athlon XP 2100+, 512meg PC2100 and five (5) IDE hard drives sized between 14gig and 233gig, plus a CD-RW and a DVD+-RW.

    NIC- Realtek RTL 8139A

    Sound- Soundblaster Live! 5.1 MP3+Gamer (with Live! drive connector but no drive)

    Video- MSI GeForce4 Ti 4200

    Modem USR 56K Voice Pro PnP external on serial port (also supports USB)

  9. Woohooooo! Thank you for this driver package!

    I can finally use my KB Gear JamP3 MP3 player as two* USB Mass Storage removable disks with 98SE (just like it works on Me, 2000 and XP) without having to use that crappy MusicMatch Jukebox. (AKA MusicMunch Junkbox.)

    *16meg built in RAM plus up to 64meg MMC removable.

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