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  1. I try to slipstream the post sp2 hotfixes in my office 2003 italian but when i make windows update it want to install 14 hotfixes.

    I do:

    1. setup /a with a office 2003 clean

    2. splisptream sp2

    3. extract all hotfix and i launch this command for each hf

    msiexec /p x:\885828\MSOop.msp /a x:\office\pro11.msi shortfilenames=true /qb

    Someone can help me?

  2. Two thoughts:

    1. Have you ran Office Shrinker in a clean environment?

    2. Did you change your "shrink.ini" to match italian language?


    1. Yes i have done all in a vmware clean installation

    2. this is my ini file

    title=Microsoft Office
    Office Source=c:\office3\
    Office Target=C:\office4\
    Office Setup EXE file=SETUP.EXE
    Office Setup MST file=New Custom Setup File.MST

  3. Hi, i try to shrinl my office 2003 italian.

    1. setup /a of my office 2003

    2. slipstreaming of sp2

    3. slipstreaming of some hotfix with this LINK

    4. insert in the dir my .mst file

    5. launch shrink_lang02, choose italian and at the final i have 7mb of office.

    Can you help me?

    my log

    Detected Windows Info:
    PlatformId = 2
    MajorVersion = 5
    MinorVersion = 1
    ServicePackLevel = 2
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Launch Setup
    16/01/2007 16.20.12
    Recognized command line switch qb
    Recognized command line switch laceimow
    ** Switching to new log file passed on command line. **
    16/01/2007 16.20.12
    Setup has detected a previously failed installation - Verbose Logging ON

    Found property assignment: TRANSFORMS=C:\office4\New
    Found property name: Custom, but did not find equal sign.
    Failed to query chaining key for main task name.

    ***** Setup exits
    16/01/2007 16.20.15
    (return = -203)

  4. Pleas can you help me.

    In my unattended installation i have created a .bat for manual integration of ActiveX, i have created a link to Microsoft Update, now i have 2 questions.

    1. How i can skip the two windows that Microsoft Update Site ask me (START + CONTINUE)???

    2. How can i add my link to the site inside the START MENU???

    Thank you in advance :D


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