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  1. I have my unattended dvd ready but I have the following doubt. Currently In my computer I have 3 extra ide disks configured as dinamic and with three configured volumes: 1.- First striped volume for data, 73.24GB each disks, 219.73GB total 2.- Second striped volume for page file, 1.3GB each disk, 3.9GB total 3.- Third spanned volume for encrypted documents, 1.8gb for 1 disk and 40.5gb for another disk, 42.3gb total I've already backed up my encrypted documents but don't have where to backup the data in the first volume (Around 200gb of important files). My question, after I install my unattended dvd will I be able to recover my files?. Will my volumes still exists after I install? Thanks
  2. Hi there, and thanks for reading. I followed the tutorial, read some post, read the documentation and I finally made a CD that: .- Install WinXp pro with SP1a slipstreamed, with custom configuration (Install IIS, remove some games, etc..) .- Install all hotfixes up to date .- Install Directx 9b, Media Player 9, Nero 6, .Net Framework 1.1, Msn messenger 6, MS Java VM and Nvidia destroyer drivers My box ends well configured but I'd like to fix this issues: 1.- After the gui installation ends and before GuiRunOnce section start I'm presented with screens to activate windows and to enter user logins. I set up the option AutoActivate = Yes, but i don't want to see that screen but requires user input. I would also to skip user configuration. What should i do? 2.- I use a latin american keyboard. How do I set this in winnt.sif file? 3.- I'd like a the end of GuiRunOnce section my machine to reboot. Is that possible? 4.- How do you people add all that nice stuff in a normal cd?... With my current config I'm using 650MB and i deleted "safe" folders like "VALUEADD" and "SUPPORT"... I'd like to install antivirus, firewalls, mirc, ftp clients, etc... but i think i won't have enough space in the cd.. am I missing something? Thanks again