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  1. Tried removing the driver again and reinstalling and it's a no go. I have already uninstalled Nero and that didn't help either. Nero was not the only software with the problem. It doesn't show up as a DVD drive anywhere, with the exception of device manager. It shows up as a DVD drive there, and i even have access to the DVD Region tab etc... My Computer and any burning app only see it as a CD Drive though. Surely someone else has had this problem? Or am i the first? I tried some internet searching and couldn't find anything relating to my particular problem. Any more ideas? Besides a reformat i mean? Thanks again everyone.
  2. I tried removing the dvd drivers and letting them reinstall after i removed the starforce drivers. It still shows up as a CD Drive. I tried a couple of times. Doesn't seem to work. The starforce drivers were installed previously with another game, before i installed X2, and didn't seem to cause any problems. But i thought since it was one of the only recent changes i made to my PC i would try removing them anyway. This one has me stumped, and frustrated. Could it still be the starforce drivers even though i've confirmed their removal? I've heard some horror stories about them. I personally dislike such an invasive from of copy protection, as do most in this forum i'm sure. Thanks for your reply. I will probably try removing them again just to be sure.
  3. Hello all. I currently have an odd problem that i can't seem to get to the bottom of. I have a Lite-On SOHW-1633S Dual Layer DVD Burner & CD Burner Combo drive that was working fine until recently. A couple of days ago i tried to burn a DVD and Nero wouldn't recognize my DVD burner. I looked in My Computer and lo and behold, it's there, but rather then being labeled a DVD/CD drive, it's only recognized as a CD Drive. I checked in Device Manager, and the proper driver is still installed. LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S This driver is correct, and i still have access to the DVD Regions tab. It also shows up as a DVD under the "Type" heading when i hit populate in the Volumes tab. The only new software i had installed recently was a game called X2 and the new Nero 7 demo. X2 installed the Starforce drivers, so i grabbed the Starforce removal tool and got rid of them. I confirmed this under the Non Plug and Play devices tab under device manager and it was removed. I them removed Nero 7, i doubted this was the problem and it wasn't. It still only shows as a CD Drive under My Computer. I also tried removing the driver for both the DVD drive and the secondary IDE Master and rebooted. It detected and installed both of them and the driver for the DVD drive is still correct, but the problem still exists. This one has me really confused. First time i've ever run into this one. Any help from anyone in the forum would be greatly appreciated. My brain hurts...
  4. I recently acquired an IC7-G (says MAX II Advance on the box) and cannot get it to boot with my 2.8E Prescott. The processor (2.8E) worked fine in my VT7, and the IC7-G will boot with my old 2.0 Northwood. So the components aren't bad. It will power on with the 2.8E, but no POST passed beeps from the pc speaker and no video. When i booted with my 2.0 i checked the BIOS version and it's version 28. 12/28/04. The latest. I unplugged the power cable from the power supply, and cleared the CMOS with the jumper. Still a no go. Now it says this motherboard supports the Prescott CPU's, so what's the deal? Anyone have any ideas? Abit IC7-G MAX II Advance Revision 1.1 2x256 Simpletech Nitro Series Memory Intel 2.8E Prescott with HTT ATI Radeon x800 XT Platinum Western Digital 80GB SATA MGX Vigor 500 Watt PS That's the system specs. Any help would be appreciated. If any more info is needed please let me know!
  5. I tried that. According to SiS, they aren't allowed to host USB 2.0 drivers for XP due to some agreement with Microsoft. (I found this on SiS's website). It also said that SiS has a third party (Orangeware) write these USB drivers for them. After some digging in driverguide and on the net, i found some SiS USB drivers for 98 (showed up as Orangeware while installing). These did not work either. I also found another package with 98 USB drivers for SiS, but they were for the 963 SB, not the 964. They didn't work. So no USB 2.0 for now.@MDGx All the latest drivers are installed. The BIOS was already flashed to the latest version upon purchase. This is usually one of the first things i check. I did install Maximus Decim's USB drivers, but that did not work either. After trying a "regular" install with MS updates, and trying to fix the problem to no avail, i done a reformat and reinstall. This time with the Unnoficial 98SE SP2.0, then all the MS updates, then the 982ME option 2, and also the option to replace the shell (option 3 i believe). (I actually stumbled across this site not long before i built this computer) Still the same problem. The BIOS options on this board were pretty bare. No assign IRQ for USB anywhere. USB is enabled in the BIOS though. I tried setting USB legacy to both enable and disabled with no change in either. I did disable PNP OS though. I generally never enable it. Also IRQ steering is enabled and functioning properly. The only thing i may have missed was the "Microsoft Windows 98 SE USB Driver HIDCLASS.SYS build 4.10.2223 Fix" unless it was included in the Unnoficial service pack or Microsoft update. I will try this later. Well, with the exception of the motherboard resources conflict, and lack of USB 2.0 drivers, everything functions nicely. Ran the system for a few days straight, played games, surfed the net, and subjected it to a few bootable hardware diagnostics. All dagnostics came up ok, and not one single reboot, blue screen, or any other error through all its use. It's a dual boot with WinXP and no USB problems or anything else under XP naturally. The motherboard resources issue could be due to the lack of USB 2.0 drivers, or the fact that the motherboard is "highly integrated". Some digging on the net brought up some information on problems with 98 and integrated motherboards. Well, thanks for all the help and information everyone. As everything seems to be 100% stable i'm not too worried about it, but i am going to try that HIDCLASS fix and see if that don't help. If it doesn't i'll continue to search but in the meantime the computer isn't unusable. The USB does work, it just won't get the extra bandwidth from USB 2.0. And under XP everything is fine, and XP will be used most of the time so it's okay for now. But i'll let you all know if i come up with a fix. Thanks again for the help!!! It's appreciated.
  6. Hello all. I'm new here, hopefully a 98 expert here can help me. First, here's the system specs... Asus A7S8X-MX Motherboard SiS 741GX Northbridge SiS 964 Southbridge AMD Sempron 2300+ 512MB Corsair DDR400 (running at 333) 400Watt PSU Maxtor 80GB ATA133 HD Samsung DVD/Burner Combo That's it, using integrated video/audio, no add on cards. So here's the problem. From the time 98SE is first installed, i get a yellow exclamation point on the "Motherboard Resources" indicating a resoure conflict, the exact error code is "Code 15 This device is causing a resource conflict". However, when i bring up the Resources tab, it says, "No Conflicts" WTF??? This is the only device with an exclamation point. I have installed all the latest drivers from SiS and ASUS including: SiS IDE Driver 2.04 UniVGA Driver 3.67 AGP GART Driver 1.21 Integrated LAN 1.18 SoundMAX Audio Driver There are no more drivers necessary with the exception of the USB 2.0 driver. SiS says they can only offer it on CD due to an agreement with M$. They said that the driver is licensed out to Orangeware. I happened to acquire a driver from them, and they had SiS USB 2.0 listed, but the driver did not work. This is less important than the motherboard conflict as it's for my grandmother and she won't be using anything USB anyway. All the USB 1.1 drivers install by defalut without problem. The system seems to be 100% stable. It's been updated, and for all the use of put it through so far, not one lockup or restart. So does anyone know how to resolve this so called conflict? I booted into safe mode looking for double instances of any devices and found none. I have removed the Motherboard Resources a few times and let it reinstall on reboot, but it's the same story. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. The motherboard resources conflict is my main concern, but if anyone does happen to know of any USB 2.0 drivers that work for this particular chipset, those would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!
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