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  1. Yes, that too, is installed. I found a way, but I'm not too fond of it. I first removed the entries in svcpack.inf. Then I copied the above hotfixes to $OEM$/$1/hotfixes and wrote a small batch file that calls these hotfixes and installs them. I can't help but having the idea that this is more of a workaround than the actual solution to my problem. Now, only Q329115 is acting up by saying that the switches are wrong (even though I entered those given when you type Q329115 /? in a command prompt).
  2. Yo!

    Pleased to meet ya! Joined for some knowledge, since I'm always hungry for that and because I found the basic and parts of the intermediate unattended CD fun to make. =P And of course to tackle any problems that I might come across along the way. I also love it how the name of this forum is the same as a song by Faith no More. Well... yeah, hi!
  3. I'm probably gonna ask something that's already been covered around here. I've been looking around but couldn't find anything, so here goes. As the topic title suggests, I'm having trouble installing a few hotfixs for Windows 2000. In the order that they appear on Windows update, the hotfixes in question and their switches (gotten from typing KBxxxxxx /? in a DOS prompt) are as follows: - KB890923.exe /quiet /passive /norestart (security update for IE6 SP1) - KB823353.exe /Q /O /N /Z (security update for Outlook Express 6) - KB891781.EXE /quiet /passive /norestart /o /n (security update for Windows 2000) - KB841356.EXE /quiet /passive /norestart /o /n (security update for Windows 2000) - Q329115.exe -u -n -o -z -q (security update) - KB823559.exe -u -n -o -z -q (security update for Microsoft Windows) These are the only updates that remain at Microsoft Windows update after installing and I really do not know how to install them properly. svcpack.inf has them listed in alphanumeric order, like the guide suggests, but it just doesn't work, whereas the rest is installed normally. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here and how to get it working? I'm guessing that IE 6 might have a higher KB number meaning that it will be installed after the update, but it wouldn't make sense to give the original install package a higher number than the update package. Note, I don't want to use nLite. I'm one of those people who likes to do stuff manually. ;D Also, where can I download KB818043 (update for Internet Protocol Security Clients IPSec)? http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/catalog always takes me to a page not found screen. =\ Scratch the above on IPSec. It was because I was using Firefox instead of IE. I hope I covered everything, but if there's something else you wish to know, please post. =P Thanks for your trouble!