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  1. Up, really need help If it could help it can be downloaded there
  2. Hi, I want to know if it is possible to install windows from an usb key even if i have to boot from a CD-Rom. I means my Ua XPCD content is on the usb key and a special cd boot and run the setup from the key. And if it is compatible will it be compatible with oem installation RunOnceEx and some integrated driver wich are integrated witch BTS driver pack (the method with setup replacement) Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi every body I want to know if someone have tried to integrate iColorFolder in an UACD because the installer doesn't support /? and /Help command ..... Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys i've two question the first, is that i wanted an idea to design a setup billboard in mac os x design so if you have any idea the second is that i wanted to know if we can put animated image ? B) Thx in advnce
  5. Ok I tried to connect to flyakite guide with the msfnohosting link and It looks to be down and I think it'll no exist longer ^^ Thank you for this link it'll help me a lot EDIT can somebody close or delete the topics since it's useless
  6. I think it's the better thing to do to view less stupid post And it's a great idea too
  7. No one has it or the html pages because it's the better tutorial about AIO CD/DVD that i've ever seen ^^
  8. Hi all I used to make my multi boot CD with the guide from flyakite and now when I wnat to access his site it says that the site is close/down so does any one as the downloadable version plz Thanks in advance Theutlass PS : Sorry for my english ^^
  9. Thank you roguespear for this repackaging tutorial I think it will help all of us
  10. can we do it this way to run the installer from svcpack or cmdlines ???
  11. For me the switch is setup.exe -S -A -P "%programfiles%\Sécurité\Jetico personal Firewall" -G "Sécurité"
  12. Does this pack could be run from svcpack.inf
  13. I'd just created a batch file to copy the files that contains icons and or image like logon.exe or ntoskrnl and much other. Good luck for resediting after. ExTrAcT.cMd
  14. Can you give us the content of the reg key plz
  15. I'm running on an ASRORCK but i don't have the box and i do'nt rememder the name
  16. personnaly i have integrated the two and it works.

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