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  1. I got aproblem with aopen mb s651 that second IDE doesnot detect any drive i tried flashing the bios changing cables power supply but no luck can any one help me with this problem ???????
  2. thank you for the replay I updated the bios in all these MBs but still the problem with asus when i search over net may be because a chasis circuit included in asus mb but i couldn't find any sign of the chasis jumber to reset the circuit PS. I found on other type of asus P4XP-P MB the jumber but not in this mb..... the mb chaintech is p4 and i put vga in agp slot ? what to do??????
  3. HI every one I have some problemes with mbs first mb gigabyte ga-6oxt p3 that no pci slot is working no pci card is detected in windows ???? second MB genx p4 that IDE2 doesnot detect any harddisk or cdrom third mb asus p4s133 that after detecting hardisk it opens setup with message "chassis error someone has tumperd your computer" forth mb chaintech p4 if you remove ram tne mb beeps and if you install ram + vga it will give you beep that it opens but immediatly will shut down power off . PLS help how to start thinking about fixing these problems ???????? thank you in advance
  4. Dear Sir After installing win xp with your driver pack on asus p5ad LGA 775 it won't reconize the sound you have to unstall hotfix kb835221 microsoft HD to install sound , i have tried to add to svcpack folder but the same.so please tell how to include the driver in the sound pack. thank you in advance
  5. Dear Sir RyanVM I integrate Your Pack into xp cd(sp2 by nlite program) manual as nlite didn't integrate it. then I add BTS DriverPacks into the cd ... during setup i got error that refering to missing files and check setup.log i don't know how to integrate both these package PS I removed Your Pack and the setup went ok????. thank you in advance
  6. PLS SIr I can't find IcemanND method I tried the search but still... because i tried RyanVM's Update Pack then I add BTS' DriverPacks but I got errors and didn't complete thank you.
  7. sooorry i change display setting and i find it sorry again
  8. Dear Sir I can't find the button "Pack Files Now".

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