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  1. About your RASPPPOE problem, try this: After installing 98SE2ME, replace these files from %windir%\SYSTEM : Replace these files in small groups, for example start with: NDSWAN16.DLL NDSWAN32.DLL if that doesn't work, then replace: RASAPI16.DLL RASAPI32.DLL if that doesn't work, then replace: RNAUI.DLL and only after that: NETAPI.DLL NETAPI32.DLL NETDI.DLL NETOS.DLL Reboot normal back into Windows. See if that fixes your DSL modem problem, and then please post here your findings. If that is the case, and those files are the "culprit", please let me know so I can remove them from 98SE2ME. About links to "my documents", "my networks places", "my computer" not working after installing option 3: I need more details: what language is your OS? Hello MDGx, thank you very much for your reply. I replaced the files you said, under pure DOS, but the problem continues. I'm sending a few screen captures for you. My OS is Win98SE English version + SP2.0 + 98SE2ME Tihiy package NOT installed. Thank you.
  2. Hi Gape, congratulations for your excellent work! What about ADSL connection support? I think it's very important now. Greetings from Uruguay...
  3. Hello, 98SE2ME is really fantastic. Thanks. But I have 2 litlle problems with it, the first (more important) is that after 98SE2ME installation I can't use RasPPPOE (software to connect to adsl using dial-up standard window). It doesn't recognize the "pseudo modem driver" installed. Desinstalling or reinstalling doesn't helps. Second (not very important) is that the links to "my documents", "my networks places", "my computer", etc. in windows explorer doesn't works at all (option 3 installed). Thanks in advance and congratulations for your work
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