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  1. New to unattended CDs

    Hi, Is the HDD, on which will be installed, connected with the SATA controler?? I asume so, hmm well then i think the confortablest way to install windows should be then to interagte the drivers in the HAL! The HAL is the Harware Abstraction Layer which is the first instance of the Text installation where the system loads all drivers to recognize the Hardware! Problem: I don't know how to modify the HAL! That is also my Problem thats why i'm also here! To ask some one So if anyone cna help please do so and two problems will be solved C YA Kiki
  2. XPlode 4.2.x wow congratulation Wraith

    Hi all, Sry i was in vacation, so i could not be here. i've yesterday downloaded the new version XPlode-free-4.2.50505.1237.exe The new features are really nice! I didn't find that much time to test it (as usual ), but i had a small look on it. I like the new "SelectInstall" feature! Is the "All on" and "All off" option in the drop down menu editable, i could not find it in that short time? I think this will be my new install feature BTW Wraith; i'm sure that some peoples told you that, there is a small TYPO in the SelectInstall.XML in the autoclose section it should be >true< If someone likes to know, my XPlode installation works now (after 4 tries LOL) with the old XPlode 1.x version. I've only a small position problem, if some likes to help me i'll provide the screenshot and the *.XML file. Please contacte me, thanks in advanced. So Wraith and Guys, go on you all are doing a great job Best regards Kiki
  3. Hi and Suggestion

    HI All, nice that my entry caused an also nice and good conversation I like polite conversations! Good guys. About me: i'm working hard and long all day in my company! Also it is difficult to find time for everything if you have a family. And i'm too old for beeing accaused "Hey nOOB just read topic xyz" or "Hey Wraith just delet all screenies and the RoKiEs want ask anymore" I think if some ask something, someone has to be polite enough to explain how thinks work! You must understand not all useres are the same or on a same level! Someone is mybe absolutly good in Hardware others in Software etc. listen carefully guys "EVERYBODY IS BEGINNER, DEPENDS ON WHAT HE DO!" So thanks for listen and if i've some questions i hope some can and will me! I'll also try my best to help! Best regards Kiki
  4. Hi and Suggestion

    Hi Nanaki, What Basics do you mean, how do you known what i know?! As i said my XML file works if i execute it in Windows! I asume my problem lies in the implementation to the unattend installation CD And i use an old version of XPlode 1.X Some people maybe don't read the EULA carefully other comments And as i said i don't want to bugg anybody at this moment, because i see that many of you are stressed up! Best regards Kiki
  5. Hi and Suggestion

    Hello All I like just to say hello to all members First of all XPlode is a really nice application/rutine to install software I've try it several times (but i'm still not able to run it!) Nervermind hopefully one day it will work Well it is not so easy to run it! There are a lot of things to respect e.g. on which stage T-12;T-9.., the silent switches for the software etc. It is a pity that Wraith is so angry about some ppl's so he canceled the download of XPlode4.1 @Wraith --> don't be so angry at those peoples, you disappoint with that hard reaction also the other guy's which are really polite See @ me i'm also a NewBie my XPlode Don't work while the installation it works if i start it in Windows But i don't want upset somebody, so i don't ask for help! My Suggestion: You guys should make a detail How to use XPlode with a really good explanation step by step for every stage and where, how, what to do and so on Make this as a main topic! THXs for reading and Sorry for that long topic Best regards Kiki