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  1. HA Ha HA AhHH Hha Aa Hh a! Gee, I'm still laughing! Yeah I wonder what gave it away? That I asked my original question, or that I choose not to trust his little file, or the fact that I still have single digit post count. But then I don't give a sh*t. RyanVM if you want to feel offended that I don't trust you, then so be it. But like I said time and time again, I don't know you so I don't trust you. Oh and by the way, that file of yours isn't what I needed anyway. And I've looked at your hotfixes pack, but a fat lot of good they would be me since they are SP2 and like I said SP2 is crap. Everytime I think about upgrading to SP2 I end up seeing people having problems that are unique to SP2.
  2. I'm not saying anything bad about your work, I'm sure it's fine and safe other wise everyone here would jump your a**. I just don't trust anyway. I really don't trust M$ that much either, look at their so called security and the reason for having to download 100+ patches. It's just that I feel safer getting files from their original source if I can help it.
  3. No offense I'd rather get the files from a source I trust, in a manner of speaking. Ok so now I have 2 different answers; one being "/q /n /z" and that they got rid of all type 2 [that's all fine and dandy but SP2 can kiss my butt, I aint using that buggy crap] and now I've got an answer of just /Q. Screw it I'll just do them manually or something. I don't know if this has been mentioned before or not and again I'm not going to bother to look that hard. Making the list of hotfixes to add when using the SVCPACK.INF is a pain to type all of that out. What I did was a dump method to make the list of files. Start->Run type cmd Use the cd command to get the folder where the hotfixes are; for example C:\XPCD\I386\SVCPACK Now type: dir /b > hotfix.txt The result is a file in the \SVCPACK\ folder called hotfix.txt that has just a list of the filename in order by name From there you can use Notepad or Wordpad to a replace... Find: .EXE Replace: .EXE /Q /O /N /Z Click Replace All Now just go back and manual redo any files the need the Type 2 method which does seem to be just a few. Ofcourse if I thought of this I'm sure someone else had some time ago and posted it....oh well.
  4. And which one would that be?
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before but there are 80 some odd pages and I really don't have the engery to search through each one just for this which I have no clue how to keyword search it. I know that with the plan white icon the switches are /Q /O /N /Z And with the other icon the switches are /Q:A /R:N which as annoying as hell there they are 2 different ones What about if the icon is this?
  6. help with boot screen

    About the missing zip file. You're misunderstanding what instructions. The file .bootscreen is the zip file. It's creating a zip file with the extention .bootscreen So instead of seeing, dragon.zip it's dragon.bootscreen. Rename it to dragon.zip and you'll see what I mean I can't help you with the other problems, I'm more green to this than you are. I haven't even gotten that far yet.