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  1. Can you help me with Network Management Functions, which functions I need to retrieve active remote usernames? The api has many similarly functions.
  2. Why I can not use NetSessionEnum API? If this is the standart way to determine which user on which mashine is logged, I can use this api.
  3. The computers are logged on domain. I need to make a simple database with who is logged, and when logged in and out. If there is solution for one computer I will write software which will check the computers in background one by one.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I know this, but there are some computers in my local network that don't answer with username <03>. There is active user and if I check with NetWkstaUserEnum(), this function returns correct result. What is the correct way of doing this? Please help with information
  5. How can I find the User Name of the currently logged user on a remote computer using the remote computer IP?

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