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  1. http://www.nullsoft.com/free/nsis/users.html see also my previous post, i've edited it
  2. okay, thanks, i didn't know these .iss; i'll take a look btw, you could add the some infos here to your install types to the unattended site (nullsoft + msi (it was of course not IS but msi in my previous post)) New : about wise installers that contains very cool info which could also be added : http://www.wise.com/displayArticle.asp?articleno=564
  3. I've googled some time and for : - Inno setup : [edited] ... oops - NSIS (v2.x, maybe v1.x ???) installer.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\Whatever instsallation\Directory\You\Want - InstallShield site is BIG commercial s**t Really can't find anything on this [edited] wow, their site features search made in Google ---> SampleApp.msi /qn INSTALLDIR="C:\Apps\SampleApp" USERNAME="Valued Employee"
  4. Very good idea, virus, all that stuff is cool, but some people (me for example ) don't install their programs in c:\program files. --> Do you know a switch defining install path ??? (of course certainly different for differents installers) Example : Program Name : Daemon Tools Full : daemon.msi /QB /P=d:\soft\daemon Thanks in advance.
  5. okay. thanks. I thought it used default values.
  6. First, a LOT of thanks for the fabulous guide. I've searched the forum before asking but haven't found what i was looking for so please excuse me if my question has already been answered. I've almost done what I expected, but there's still one thing which annoys me : In winnt.sif, section [Data], the "AutoPartition" fonction disturbs me... In the ref.chm, they say it "Installs Windows to the first available partition that has adequate space for a Windows installation and does not already contain an installed version of Windows." Okay, and it's not what I want. But if i put this to 0, what wil
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