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  1. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    I am not missing a lot of good stuff I just dont trust just anyone who offer me a *system file* replacer in a .exe. (Posted by a user with 666 in his nick ) And especially on forum like this where most of things is done manually. YOU are the one who is naive Antivirus only scans for KNOWN viruses. This exe could just delete original file, and replace it with an empty file. Or even replace the MBR or ntldr, or anything else. Antivirus would just say there is no virus here. Thank you again, damian666.
  2. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    I found the problem... It was that when i edited the 16 color image and saved it the image editing program automatically saved it as 32bit :/ Working now with original ntoskrnl and modified ntkrnlpa. Thank you for your help.
  3. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    edited ntkrnlpa.exe, and now i get no image at all. Just black when going into hibernation. Everything seems to work with no problem other than that. It wakes up normally and everything works.
  4. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    restarted several times, but it is always the same. The file in system32 is the modified one.
  5. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    the file gets now replaced, but the changes aren't visible. Do you know of any way how to replace the windows hibernating screen? The one with black background, windows logo and "hibernating..." below the logo. It seems like ntoskrnl doesn't control it, or am i doing something wrong?
  6. .vob file with WMP

    Tnx, it worked.
  7. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    Lol, scanning wouldn't help Tnx, for that. I'll try it now.
  8. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    I don't normally like downloading .exes from forums . Couldn't you do that with .bat? Isn't file protection checking the file version? So timing when the file is replaced shouldn't matter.
  9. .vob file with WMP

    How can i play .vob file in WMP? I have no problem playing it with mplayer or any other program, but not WMP. I need wmp, because my frontend uses it for media plaback.
  10. XP ntoskrnl replace?

    I have a problem replacing ntoskrnl.exe on XP SP2. Each time i replace it the system file protection copys original file over it. I tried replacing ntoskrnl.exe in windows\system32, windows\Driver Cache\i386, windows\Driver Cache\i386\sp2.cab, windows\system32\dllcache. They all stayed modified, and when i replaced the system32 one it changed again! It is the only copy of that file in the system. I even tried disconnecting from internet if it was pulling file from win update, but that was not the case. What can i do?
  11. Macromedia Dreamweaver v8.0

    serial=xxxx is working Just type correctly, put filename in brackets, and "/qb- R" isnt typing error "Name.msi" Serailnumber=xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /qb- Reboot=Suppress