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  1. thanks ChunkDog....just got back from vacation and of course now the icon is back to normal. but if it happens again i will give this a try and let you know. Thanks again. -Mikeman
  2. hello everyone, im having a strange little ... annoyance. My internet explorer icon on my desktop will occasionally change to the old style icon. Now i know i can just make a shortcut to IE and delete the default one. But it is really annoying and I like to have the original IE icon, without the shortcut arrow. I have tried removing it then going back into Display properties>desktop>customize desktop and clicking the check box to have it on my desktop, yet it still shows the old style! ive restarted several times removing, replacing the icon several times but no luck. This has happened a few times before and adventually returns to the correct icon on its own. This time however it does not seem to be wanting to switch back! I am going to attach a screen shot of the icon it gives me and a shortcut of what it normally looks like. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike Oh and i am running Windows XP Pro w/SP2 and all the latest updates.
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