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  1. So is there a reason for the 2 IP addresses on the windows 7 machine? an easier approach would be to have a second NIC that you use as your "internet" connection for the VM machines, this would be added on your RRAS server and act as the internet gateway. Adding your ISP's DNS servers to your DNS forwarders list in DNS will get you get out to the internet. In your DHCP scope you can add the RRAS servers IP (internal scope for your VM's) as the DHCP gateway.

  2. what OS is running on the endpoints?

    for XP run gpupdate /r then gpresult on the endpoint

    for windows 7 or 8, from an elevated command line run gpupdate /r then a gpresult

    you should see your group policy listed in the resulting list of group policies applied to the machine. If not run a group policy modeling wizard from the GPMC console on one the machines that should be getting the policy.

    at that point you may have to turn on verbose logging on the machine for GPO if it applying but reciving the settings.

  3. take a look at this tool

    :\Windows\System32\spool\tools>PrintBrm.exe /?

    PrintBrm -B|R|Q [-S <server>] -F <file> [-D <directory>] [-O FORCE] [-P ALL|ORIG] [-NOBIN] [-LPR2TCP] [-C <config file>] [-NO

    ACL] [-?]

    -B Backup the server to the specified file

    -R Restore the configuration in the file to the server

    -Q Query the server or the backup file

    -S <server name> Target server

    -F <file name> Target backup File

    -D <directory> Unpack the backup file to (with -R) or repack a backup file from (with -B) the given directory

  4. using a Vlan to connect the ports used by the printer and then assigning the DHP scope to the Vlan may be easier then trying to filter out ever other device on your network (not to mention putting a larger workload on your DHCP server) is there a need too have all th eprinters set to DHCP would it be preferable to set static IP's to printers to make it easier to find and remeber said printers?

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