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  1. OH I SPOKE TO BLOODY SOON!!!!! so i used the win98 boot disc to fdisk the drive .. wipped it clean .. booted up w/ the xp cd .. then i started to partition the drive with NTFS .. last time i checked the thing was at 68% .. i come back .. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH with error code STOP 0X0000000A (0XFFFFF990, 0X000000FF, 0X00000001, 0X8080D258) .. sigh ..
  2. that is no problem. ran fdisk .. killed the drive .. & that is all .. an't my computer i don't care .. hahhaha .. tis my sisters .. she will suffer for screwing it up
  3. ok the hard drive's Partition 1 (NTFS) failed the test of Sea Tools however the hard drive itself is fine. with that said, i need a way to reformat and erase that partition and start all over WITHOUT using the Windows XP CD because I can't access any of the installation files with this partition still on the hard drive. what methods are there to do this?
  4. i'm doing the hard drive test right now .. i swear that computer is cursed .. if it is the processor again that would be the 2nd time in less then 2 years. i will post updates thank you. so can it be concluded that it isn't windows xp that is causing this?
  5. welp those i already got .. i suppose those were the ones that the person was talking about .. i get this error "File \bootinfo.ini could not be loaded. The error code is 4096." then i can't go anywhere .. tells me to exit .. what in the world am i to do!! i can't get into safe mode .. last known config .. or regular mode. i can't get into recovery console using the xp disc (legit) i can't get into setup using the xp disc (legit) i can't use these **** boot discs either! **** this is giving me a headache!! NEED HELP GURU'S!!!!
  6. everything works fine .. just froze sometimes. here is the deal .. i'm unable to get into the recovery console to type "bootcfg" to try and repair the boot.ini .. i think that is what is screwed up .. or at least the registry .. i read this topic here http://www.ozzu.com/ftopic40747.html someone talked about "It could be an "Unmountable boot volume". I've done two repairs like this one on windows xp pro and on xp home. You can download the program from microsoft, which when you run the program it makes six floppies that you use to run chkdsk and also repairs the boot.ini file. The boot.ini file is corrupted. Be sure you download the correct program because xp home is different from xp pro, one will not work on the other. Hope this helps " does anyone kno where i can get this download at?
  7. ok here it is .. everything went smooth this time around .. EXCEPT .. THE DREADED BLUE SCREEN APPEARED after the "Starting up Windows Setup". here is the technical information i got STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0X809E2BBF, 0XF89615D8, 0XF89612D4) is the system dead?
  8. update .. i tried rebooting and going to installation and it got stuck on "Setup is loading (scsi drivers)" .. could this possibly be a hard drive issue?
  9. i have a question .. today i downloaded some critical updates for windows xp (on my computer) .. i read the up to date security bulletin for 4/12/05 and i wasn't sure of the update was for it or not .. pretty sure it was .. i'm curious if those exploits could be causing this problem because i don't think the system was updated nor did it have a GOOD firewall running (it was using the xp firewall).
  10. so i made a slipstream cd off my xp with sp1 .. i added sp2 onto it using nLite .. i trimmed it down using the lite version because the safe mode and just regular wouldn't fit onto a 700mb cd disc. here's the deal .. it goes into installation mode .. does all that loading up .. but then the install screen freezes and on the bottom it says "Setup is starting up Windows".
  11. i'm trying to make a slipstream cd right now. my old one said one of the files were corrupted when i tried to boot w/ it .. what luck huh? will update once it is done.
  12. actually it doesn't really reach the boot screen where it shows the windows icon and the little scroll bar goes from left to right. i don't kno what my sister did to her computer but the system just rebooted by itself .. and it keeps trying to boot up .. but the computer itself keeps restarting & you get to the screen where it says "the last time windows tried to run it failed .. what do u want to do" .. then it gives u the options for safe mode .. last known good setting .. or regular .. i've tried all 3 .. and it fails to boot up & just keeps rebooting. what could be causing this? is there a new virus out there?

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