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  1. Microsoft update difficulties

    It seemed strange at first - after I installed XPize 3.1, Windows Update popped up and told me that I have to install a re-release of the hotfix that messed with shell32.dll. So I figured that it was a good opportunity to test if that part was fixed. Sure enough, the XPize updater identified and successfully updated shell32.dll. Muchas gracias, XPero - you've made an awesome contribution to Windows XP users. Keep up the good work.
  2. Microsoft update difficulties

    My system runs Windows XP Service Pack 2 English, with all prior hotfixes applied. And I'm using XPize 3.0. One other thing of note - the Updater also "identified" timedate.cpl (or something close to that) as needing updates about three or four times. Doesn't exactly sound normal to me...
  3. Microsoft update difficulties

    As I'm sure you're aware of, Microsoft has recently released a number of Windows XP hotfixes. One of these fixes was to shell32.dll, which has undone many of the changes XPize implemented. Problem is, the XPize updater doesn't seem to notice that shell32.dll has changed. I know it's working since it successfully updated about six other fixed files, but shell32.dll wasn't among them. So what do you recommend? Do I just reinstall XPize from scratch, should I wait for an official XPize update, or is there a more roundabout solution?