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  1. Thank you so much!!! I couln't boot from the CD created from the floppy image, but when I used the boot sector from the Win98 CD it worked. I had to modify the batch files a bit, (a: to d: for the most part, and set config=english), but besides that it worked like a charm and now I can boot from my WinXP CD.
  2. Hello and thanks for reading. I have an hp pavilion zt1170 and there is a bug in the BIOS which won't let it boot from CDs recorded with the El Torito standard. An update for the BIOS fixes this (BIOS version 1.1 on the hp website), however there is no floppy drive to boot from! I tried making a bootable CD from the IMG in Nero on another PC, but it won't boot on the laptop because of the problem with the BIOS. The HDD is corrupt and I need to reformat, which is why I need to update the BIOS to boot from a WinXP CD and do a clean install. The only kind of CD the laptop boots from seems to be Win98 CDs... the solution would appear to be : boot from a win98 CD, go to command prompt with CD support, insert a second CD with the flash.exe program and flash from there. but that would skip all the batch files that run a bunch of checks before updating the BIOS, and well I'm not sure you can flash the BIOS from a disk that's not your boot disk... any help would be greatly appreciated !