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  1. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any software for casual remote operation of local networked pcs. I am not looking for anything crazy or with lots of features. Just something I could have one host pc and then other 'client' pcs. It would only need to be local access and something that is always on the client pcs would be great. Thanks.
  2. Thanks! Great resource it looks like. Much appreciated.
  3. Is there a tool out there that I can actually see what is going on with my hd? I have disabled all services such as indexing and the like. Is there anything i can do, use to see what is going on, what it is accesing? Thanks
  4. Good one, was looking more for folder icons..
  5. Has anyone seen more icons for Vista, but remain the same style? i.e. when you go to your home directory you see all the folders with icons for music downloads etc. has anyone seen any that add more of the same style. i.e. websites, etc., I am basically looking to expand my home directories but maintain the same look (no biggy if not jut thought I would see if this has been done) THANKS!
  6. Why dont you test it in VMWARE or VirtualPC. Its all about trial and error.
  7. I just did a format and was wondering what DLLHOST.exe is used for? it takes up close to 8.5m of mem.
  8. They do it and most every campus here in Texas at least that I know. I am just wondering if what they are offering is an upgrade or full version im download a exe so I guess I will just have to wait.
  9. I do not have the jewel case I am downloading from their site the file name is winxpsp2. i guess ill just wait til i get it downloaded and try it in vmware first
  10. Well you can download it via the internet with out school logins. Or you can go pick up a cd from the store on campus. There is one cd key that is always the same. Basically, every time I look, the key does not change.
  11. My school offers free downloads of software using Xp and am looking to see exactly what version they are offering for download. All they say is WINXP SP2. I assume it is an upgrade but I was wondering if there is a program that if i plug a cd key into it will spit out what its for?.... Thanks
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