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  1. I was just wondering if its possible or not. I am an old user of MSFN. I usually visit msfn for reference. But this time i could not resist myself for asking this question. Basically i want to know is it possible that we could slipstream all the programs installed in program files on my system. i mean while creating unattended windows installation if a program could pick all the switches and other things and then put them on the cd. please reply as i would be waiting for answers
  2. Hi i have downloaded an unattended version of windows with inspirat and some other addons already itegrated with that. but is there any way i can remove them if i don't want and add my own.. or may be selected one's.
  3. wats the best anti-spyware for the same problem. I am using Vista
  4. Hi guys, i don't know whether you had this problem or not. But i am really p***ed off with this, actually i have a 160 GB SATA USB hard drive (laptop) . I have 4 drives. and since i have installed Vista(i didn't notice in XP) there are some files automaticallly created in all the USB drives. and as soon as i double click the drive it opens up in another window not in the same window. 1.I have formatted the Drives and deleted the files and folders, I don't know how many times.. 2.ran a virus scan for the whole Hard drive. (symantec Coporate) 3.ran spyware scan as well.. tried everything.. (built In Defender) the files and folders are as follows: folder $lcldata$ folder msrm folder NT.Config file AAUTORUN.INF file inform.exe file idupver.txt and all these are system files. attached is the screenshot of one of the drives. i have also opened the autorun.inf file at top. Thanks Kuld33p
  5. Don't misinterpret to change the start button. i want to change the text that comes in blue background whenever windows starts up. if no password is set then it comes for some time.. http://www.rohos.com/welcome-screen/img/sh...ogin_window.gif something similar to this screen but it says in white big "Welcome" in the middle of the blue background. thanks in advance
  6. ok here is my problem i ve integrated my XP with service packs and all hotfixes n now i want to add some third party programs like winamp, nero, power DVD etc. and office xp also.. so can ne1 tell me the whole procedure that what to do... coz i've been trying this office XP thing for the last 2 days and searching for a simple installaton batch file of unattended office xp. and where to save that file and how should i write my batch file the whole procedure ...please friends ...help me...and i saw some1 was talking about compressing the office xp cd to 70 odd Mb ...if u know abt that also ...please tell me ...ok .......bye

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