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  1. Obviously. Audio/Video still work though. About 'Video Conversation', Its only available in the United States and Germany. I live in Canada; I'm outta luck.
  2. does WINDOWS MESSENGER is still installed on both pc ?. Do you mean if you install MSN Messenger 7, is Windows Messenger still going to be on the computer. Yes.
  3. One more thing. DONT use MSN messenger version 7.0.0732. This version has alot of bugs. If your Audio/Video Tuning Wizard does not work, this is probably why. Get version 7.0.0777, Its the final realese.
  4. I'm going to try to explain this to my best knowledge. MSN has two video features(a new one!): 1) Video Conference(old one, still in version 7.0.0777, just hidden) 2) Video Conversation(new one, only in version 7.0.0732 and 7.0.0777) Your getting an error because you clicking on video conversation. Read on. To use video conference: Open the contact window of the person you want to start video conference with and go to: Actions>Audio/Video>More>Start a Video Conference Not the main window, its hidden in everyone's contact window. It's simple as that. Now about 'video conversation' feature: Microsoft/MSN went with logitech and some other company and created the new feature 'video conversation'(with full screen view). They created 'video conversation' to have the audio/video sync together, instead of having it split up. Makes it better. This feature is not working for me etheir and I think its not working because it hasnt been started yet. Hope This helped.