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  1. I am a long time user of StartIsBack.  I am periodically getting a message saying "Trial is over . . . . " and have to re-activate it.  It is not trial and has been activated.  It could be re-activated when this happened but it is really annoying.

    Is there a way to suppress the error message?

  2. What I, and I think Tihiy, meant is that when you install SiB you have an option. You can either install it for all users, or just for the individual user that is doing the install. Not knowing which you chose when you installed SiB, Tihiy suggested reinstalling SiB, using the latest version, and choose the option to install for the individual user and see if you still had the same problem. Please let us know if reinstalling SiB fixes the issue for you.

    Cheers and Regards

    OK, I will post back if it recurrs.
  3. I am periodically getting message saying "Trial period is expired . . . " and I have to re-enter the key every time this happened. How can I stop this?

    Try reinstalling app for your user, not all users. Ensure you have latest SIB version.

    Do you mean suggesting that I reinstalling application softwares? There are many application softwares that are installed. I wonder what has to do with those application softwares. Maybe I missunderstood your reply.

  4. I did not know where the Advanced is. The problem is resolved by removing check marks on the Jump Lists tab.

    He means the "Advanced" section of StartIsBack's settings - right-click on the start-button and select "Properties" then select "Advanced" from the list on the left-hand side of the settings window that opens. The options you need are in the "Tweak Windows Settings" section on the right-hand side.

    I looked for that there but it was not there. This time I noticed "New updates is available". I installed the updates and "Advanced" emerged.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. I do not want the recent programs displayed at all. Presently they are added until the space is filled up. I need certain space there where I can manually place icons.

    Go to Advanced - check off Store and display recently opened programs.

    I did not know where the Advanced is. The problem is resolved by removing check marks on the Jump Lists tab.

  6. If I launch a new app from a start menu folder, the icon of that app is added to the list which is displayed by clicking on the start orb. Is there a way to suppress this behavior?

    I guess it is relating to "Number of recent programs to display". It is on Properties > Start Menu.

    Try changing 10 to 0 to see if it works.

    I do not want the recent programs displayed at all. Presently they are added until the space is filled up. I need certain space there where I can manually place icons.

  7. The RAM's spec shows Feature Overclock XMP 1.3. I looked for the XMP on the BIOS but could not find it. I decided to go ahead and changed mult facter from 8 to 9.33 and the timings for those I know of or 9-10-9-27, and left defaults as were for those I do not know about. The result was that the system booted fine. The defaul values left unchanged appear to have been automatically changed. The CPU-Z now shows this. The voltage as shown on the RAM spec is 1.50 but the BIOS now shows 1.510V. Probably I do not need be concerned about. But It should work at 1.50V since I am not overclocking.

  8. "Designed for Intel 6/7 Series Platforms" is printed on the package of the Patriot memory. I wonder if this means the memory is not compatible with FX-6400. On the other hand when "Manual" instead of "Auto" is used for setting the memory speed and/or timings? I thought the "Manual" is used when "Auto" fails to set them correctly.

  9. I installed DDR3 1866 but the memory is running at 1600. My question is how to change the speed to 1866. I changed the multiplier from 8 to 9.33 leaving "Auto" for the timings but that resulted in no boot. The memory is Patriot PV38G186C9KRD. The spec is DDR3 1866 with 9-10-9-27. FX-6300 is running on GA-970A-UD3.

    This is what is shown on CPU-Z and this is the BIOS screen for the memory speed and timings. There are more than 9-10-9-27 to be set.

  10. XP SP3 is used. The Simple File Sharing is not enabled.

    Ping from Windows 7 to XP goes through.

    The same log-on user name and password are used for XP and Windows 7.

    The XP machine is visible from Windows 7.

    Error message is "Unknown user name or bad password. The same message is returned when attempting to access from another Windows 7.

    There is no problem networking between the two W7s. The W7 can access W95 or W98SE on the same network.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

  11. To turn on a any PCs or Servers trough Internet and a Router you can use Wake On Wan mode. You sohould read the following website. They are a young factory that have realized a good and easy solution.



    Thank you so very much for your reply. I have not yet concluded on this issue, but if all else fail I will certainly give it a try.

  12. I can turn on a pc from another machine on the same home network, but can not from the Internet.

    I am doing this Wake-On-WAN experiment at home by using two machines each connected to the Internet through different ISP.

    The problem must be somewhere in the BIOS or the router setting for the machine to be turned on.

    I reviewed the BIOS and found the relevant option was enabled by default. As for the router(D-Link DIR 655), I set the portforwarding for the machine with a arbitrary port number(I picked 9) assigned. I did not see anything else relevant but I might have missed something.

    To send the magic packet, I am using depicus GUI. I also tried one at dslreports website.

    So far no luck yet. By using packet analysis utility of Wireshark, I could confirmed that the magic packet is hitting the router for the target PC but for some reason, the router does not forward the packet to the target PC's NIC. Instead, it broadcasts ARP to get the MAC ID of the NIC. Note that the magic packet contains the MAC ID and this is confirmed by intercepting this packet at the sending end PC.

    Any suggestion is appreciated

  13. I measured file transfer speed between partitions 1) both in a same physical drive and 2) each in a different physical drive. The measurments were made on WXP and WVT by using a file having 1048MB in size. Results are as follows:

    1) Partitions in the same physical Drive

    WXP : 18.55 seconds

    WVT : 38.91 seconds

    2) Each partition in different physical drive

    WXP : 9.31 seconds

    WVT : 19.13 seconds

    Do these numbers indicate normal operation? Vista's speed appear way lower than the maximum allowed by SATA-150. I am wondering what the realizable speed is. The speed may be affected by many factors.My hardware spec is shown below. Clock speed of the CPU is 1.8GHz. RAM is in single channel mode and is running as DDR333.

    Could anyone shed light on the matter of file transfer speed?

  14. Booting from WXP x64 CDROM, I hit F6 and let SATA drivers loaded and then text mode of the installation process resumed. Then at the end of the text mode "The setup is starting Windows" was displayed but after the screen display truned black it stayed so.

    Mobo is MSI K8T Master2-FAR7 which uses VIA chipset including VT8237 SATA controller. I checked MSI and VIA websites but could not find suitable driver for WXP x64. The driver I used was downloaded from PlanetAMD.

    BTW: There was no such problem installing WXP x86 in which case I used the driver included in a CDROM which came with the mobo.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  15. How can I reinstall Windows Vista only and no third party softwares from a recovery DVD ROM?

    The PC is Toshiba Satellite L45-S4687. The README file in the recovery disk indicates that there are three options for the recovery install:

    1. Installing individual applications.

    2. Installing the factory system install

    3. Creating and installing a custom system install

    However, the paragraph further down in the README file says if the value of CustomSystemInstall in the Install.Ini file is set to 0 then the option 3 is not supported. I checked this and found that it is set to 0.

    I attempted to make a new recovery DVD ROM with the above modification but for some reason could not because of an error copying a file in the process.

    Could anyone help?

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