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  1. It worked by your method, thanks a lot !!! Do you know how to do on an already installed copy of windows ? I tried manually, but it doesn't work (maybe because of sfc_co.dll that i used, the one that i downloaded from the "howto" guide, for XP SP2, and combined with the reg above to disable WFP) ? It is just in case you can save me another installation of windows (on an another compute) and for better understanding of problem ;o) Thanks again !
  2. Thanks a lot for your replies I didn't try it yet do it directly. In fact, i thought that if a file is in dllcash, then it wasn't possible to replace it directly in I386... What i found amazing is that you seem even not need to replace sfc_os.dll ? Well i try and come back with result. Thanks again !
  3. Hello, I tried to make an unattended replace of notepad by notepad++, but got a problem (didn't work at all) This is what i ve tried : 1. i replaced the the file sfc_os.dll (which is responsible for the Windows File Protection) by the one in the bottom of the page (for XP SP2)Official. 2. i integrated a script that copy the modified notepad.exe in dllcash, system32 and windows directory, 3. i put also the reg file ;Disable WFP [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "SFCDisable"=dword:FFFFFF9D 4. in runonce method, i made execute the script after the Windows install, after the reg file Well it worked for few seconds and then Windows however cancelled it and restored the original notepad To made thing worse, il is no more possible to replace it even manually ... (Windows restore immediately)... Someone could help me please ? PS : a little more precision, my Windows XP SP2 has got postSp2 hotfixes untill Sept 2005.
  4. Hello everyone, I am searching for an alternative to the guide reference method (Pyron's first one) with SetDevicePath.exe lounched by presetup.cmd which is lounched by hacked setup.exe. For an unidentified reason, it has never worked in my different trials. So I'd like to test yours, Hp38guser. Could you please tell me where can I get the SetupCopyOEMInf.exe executable ? Thanks in advance and see ya. EDIT : I found it, sorry for not seeing it before (it is attached in the topic menu). Great, I am now able to test it. I ll be back with the results of testing ;o)) thanks !!!

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