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  1. Try this link if the other one doesn't work. http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzi...20.exe?download
  2. I found this post too late. How about uploading your app and some instructions so that others could advance this also. Thanks!
  3. The disc is not a oem disk as far as I can tell. Looking at the drivers and comparing them to xp home and win2k, there doesn't seem to be any OEM specific drivers.
  4. People, I've been wrestling with this for a while now and I can't seem to get it resolved. I have xp pro w/sp1 disc. I can create an ua disc, install, then update with sp2. I cannot, however, integrate sp2 and get it to install. First, when trying to integrate, update exits with error because of other updates. ok so i remove or rename svcpack.inf and integration completes without error. Now if i create iso from this I get ntfs.sys corrupt. Well, checking things out there is a version mismatch between ntorkrnl.exe and ntfs.sys. I can remedy this by either regressing ntoskrnl or replacing ntfs.sys with a newer version. If I make the iso from this, text mode setup completes without error but after first reboot it errors with this happens with or without removing components. I have checked the VPC vhd install with UBCD and the reg entery is there, the file is in /system32. I've tried placing winsrv.dll in several location, even in the iso but to no avail. reading the KB article doesn't offer any help because there is not a tv media issue here that I can see. As a next to the next to the last resort, I tried Ryan's update pack. Same story. I forgot to mention I added a detachedprogram in winnt.sif to see if it gives an indication of when the error occurs. The prog is never executed. So it points to the gui boot up. Can someone give me an idea where to look? My last resort is to make a multi cd install and that kinda takes the whole point away of doing an unattended install. sorry no dvd burner yet. Ps sorry for the long post.
  5. Hi, in instances like this wpi.ico or WIN51 are just being used as tag to identify the disc as the one wanted. Place a dummy file on you cd root, something like myapp.txt. It doesn't have to have any thing in it really ( although I use it put some notes about the apps on the disk). Don't copy this file to your harddrive as it will cause the install to fail. Just put it on the cd. If the apps are on the unattend xp disc then use WIN51 B) lol
  6. Yes, I have removed mostly junk, games, brother drivers, msn explorer, msn msgr. Nothing that would be a likely candidate. I've since regressed back to just sp2 and the hotfix as in my first post. And that is where it sits at present... broken. Most builds are against a fresh copy of cd.
  7. Didn,t work. Could this be a version conflict or a reg problem?
  8. has anyone come across this problem after creating xp disc slipstreamed sp2 nLite. setup goes through text setup fine. When it's time for gui mode, it get bsod stop:c0000135 winsrv not found. I'm using virtual pc by the way. I can't imagine it being related to kb885523 as it is a clean build from xppro vol cd. I don't get an error with retail home editon. I going to integrate 885523 tonite and see if it fixes the problem. In case it doesn't (I think I tried this already) what else should I look at.

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