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  1. All I'm running is NVIDIa DVD decoder. Checks all green check marks on DECCHECK. How'd you get yours to work? Any special settings or did it magically work from the beggining. Gripe sesssion ugh!: I'm seeing more and more threads with the same issues as I'm getting. If you ask me, and any other who's system is less than a year old that is trying to upgrade to 2005 and not succesful, MS screwed up big time and just too lazy to fix this issue. Don't get me wrong, I think their product, at least 2004 rocks. Obviously, if your MCE 2005 is working, you ain't going to subscribe to what I'm saying. They didn't make it backwords compatible and I'm not talking win 95 on a 486 folks. The system, as previously mentioned, is a p4 3.2 GHz with 512 MB ram and 64 MB video card. I'm in the near 5% most powerful home pc here in the world. Soooooooo. If my system were at least 3 years old, I'd be wanting to upgrade anyhow. But since it's around a year old....Don't think so Tim... As a customer, I aren't (grammer implied) impressed with their coding. Not impressed with Toshiba (I've got a Satellite P20-Canadian label not found on the US site) since they have new systems that are running the 2005 version and haven't at least tried to help out their customers either. But hey, don't just take it from me. And yes I'm jealous of those of you who have 2005 working. "I f.rt in your general direction";-)
  2. Toshiba P20. Was bought w/ MCE 2004 preinstalled. Has 3.2Gh P4 with 64 MB Nvidia Go5200. Sweeeeeet! Rocks w/ 2004. But I'm a tenatious dude. Got to be something that can be done! I upgraded from 2004 and still doesn't work. Installed a new codec and removed overlay from Media 10. Used DECCHECK to ensure compatibility. All green check marks. Still No go. Anymore suggestions....?
  3. I've just re-installed MCE 2004 and will try upgrading once again to 2005 without any of the Toshiba updates. BTW: I had re-installed once again with the same issue. I also had installed the Nvida DVD codecs with no luck. It produced the same problems. Audio but no video. Video only if you resize the MCE window. There may be a video setting that has to be changed. Ive tried several variations, such as resolution etc.. without any luck.
  4. TX. But I've already done that. MCE comes with SONIC decoder and I removed it and installed Cyberlink Power DVD. Used DECCHECK from MS to see if it was comptatible and all is green. Any other suggestions?
  5. I've got the exact same issue and I've got a toshiba P20. Coincidence? I think not! Read lots of posts regarding this issue and none seem to fix this issue. Uninstalled, reinstalled, MCE, DVD codecs with no success. Called Toshiba and they say,"Go back to 2004 since we don't support 2005". Useless jerks! If you find the cure. Let me know? My next call will be with MS.

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