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  1. I have run Symantec 9 corp, Bart Anti-virus, Adware Professional, Spybot, MS anti-spyware, Webroot Spysweeper, Hijackthis 1.99.1, uninstalled SP2 and reinstalled SP2, Restored to an earlier date, oh yeah and spyware Dr. Found a somethings here and there but nothing to fix this issue. If I unplug the computer when it is on it does not ask to activate it but then when you restart it asks you to. Let me know if this helps or not. Thanks for your time Dice
  2. Cool to know about that hackers... But i wish there was another way to fix this than to call MS there a pain somethings. I wonder if i just do a repair install and see if it would take it then. well thanks for your time, if any one else has any comment or is having the some problem let me know. Thanks for your time Dice
  3. Ok ya'll i hope you know what to do in this sitch.... I have my parents computer which build from ground up, installed a OEM winXP home from Newegg.com. thats all well and good but i upgrade to SP2 and the activation screens keeps coming up, everything i restart. This is a totaly legal copy of XP Home... With all that said does anyone have a clue what to do about this. I am moving out of my parents house tomorrow and i really dont want to explane to my non computer parents how to activate this stupid thing everything time they turn it on. I have seen some other people talking about this in other forums but they did not know and Mickysoft does not have anything one it. I have never had a problem with OEM COA for Home until now. And never had any kind of problem with PRO. Thanks for your time Dice PS please dont bother if you suggest Cracks or Hacks, i dont do that Crap. Pay for what you use! Later DICE

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