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  1. Please Help Me Hibenating

    Hi! Presuming you've not disabled anything in BIOS, I wonder if your installation is using the wrong Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). Open Control Panel - Admin Tools - Computer Management. In there, click on Device Manager and look under the "Computer" category and ensure it says "ACPI". If it doesn't, you can update the driver for the entry to point to ACPI instead but I've never tried this in reality and I suspect it's rather a risk! You can also manually select the HAL type during XP installation in case the autodetect gets it wrong. It's accessed with a function key (which one escapes me at present) at the point where you can also install RAID/SCSI drivers. Best wishes, Andrew
  2. Windows 2000 SP4

    Hi again! I posted above that my SP4 installation went completely smoothly. There's since been just one problem: I discovered that the WindowsUpdate website had stopped working - the scan process just sat there at 0% and did nothing more. I fixed it using WindowsUpdate's help facility's guidelines: First I tried manually reinstalling the Windows Update Control CAB file - no improvement. Then I reinstalled WinScript v5.6 and this fixed the problem. Best wishes, Andrew
  3. security log in win2k

    Hi! Just a few thoughts: Do the rest of the settings in that domain policy get applied correctly? Check the affected users have the necessary permissions to both read and apply the GPO. Are there any Site-Level policies over-riding your domain policy? Best wishes, Andrew
  4. Win2000wrkstn w/ onboard video

    Hi! I presume from your mention of a BIOS update that there is no option in there currently to disable the onboard graphics? See if your system will boot in "VGA Mode" (one of the options on the F8 menu). If so, then you can go into device manager and try disabling the onboard device to see if that solves the problem. Another possibility is to try booting in Safe Mode to see if that will let you disable it in the same way. If both of these techniques still hang during boot, you could remove the Matrox card, boot as usual and then try disabling the device in device manager before shutting down and putting the Matrox back in! Really not sure what will happen there but I'd be nervously giving it a try!! The problem being if the disable works but the system still hangs with the G450 then how do you get the onboard enabled again...! Best wishes, Andrew
  5. Windows 2000 SP4

    Hi! I installed the network version on 2k Advanced Server (prev SP3) with no problem whatsoever. A refreshing change since both SP2 and SP3 ruined my 2kPro installation requiring a slipstreamed re-install. Prior to install I backed up the SystemState and then I got the installation to backup files to enable an uninstall of SP4. Fortunately neither have been required :-) Best wishes, Andrew