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  1. Thanx os2fan2, but i already tried that option, but it doesn't work. It runs after the user logs on, instead of before... But thanx again for the reply
  2. Well, I always recommend using variables. That will work, or maybe you got a spelling error in your commands previously. Or if commands in a batch-file is not working for you, use RAR SFX to extract silently to a known path. If you need more info about that, just ask. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well i tried what you said, but it didn't work I packed the directory (All users and Default User) in a SFX in DOS modi. The script whithin in the file is as follows: Path=c:\docume~1\ SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 And my cmdlines.txt is as follows: [COMMANDS] "REG IMPORT HKCU_Reg.reg" "Docs.exe" I also placed the "Docs.exe" in the $OEM$ folder (where also the Docs.exe is placed) What the *** am i doing wrong Thanx again for all your reply's!
  3. Nope i checked in win2k registry for that key, but it doesn't exist. But thanx anyway!
  4. 1. Easy - Copy files over to "%systemdrive%\Docs&Settings\Default User" folder itself, thru cmdlines.txt (T-12) and whatever new users are created will inherit those files. 2. This one is a bit less easy - There is a registry key that can run something just before login. Find this in the registry tweaks thread (in "unattended windows" section of this forum). And then set it and remove on next boot and manipulate it as you please. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 1. Em, I already tried to run that command from the cmdlines (T-12) file, but that didn't work. Both the Xcopy nor the copy command didn't work. I also dit not use variables (maybe they were not defined in this stage of the setup, so just to be sure i used the full path names) Or should i place those commands in an batch or an command file, ant then run that file from the cmdlines (T-12) file ? 2. I searched the 'Unattended Windows' section for that registry entry, without succes (that's why i'm wrighting this reply ) I also searched the topic 'Reg tweaks' and 'Reg tweaks part 1', but without succes. I also downloaded both the Regtweaks zip files, and searched in there. but that also wasn't rewarding ( Does anybody know what the regtweak is or where (exactly) i can find it. Thanx in advance (again!)
  5. Ok, this is what i'm going to try. I'm making an Unattended Windows 2000 install cd. Ive got everyting set, except for the Documents and Settings directory. The problem is that the Documents and settings dir is nog copied during the setup. (XP copies the $docs dir and W2K not) I'm trying to resolve this problem by copying the Docs dir BEFORE windows loads, or just before a user logs in (Administrator of some one else) You can read in the reply's above that i tried to copy the Docs dir via AUTOEXEC.NT, but doesn't work (AUTOEXEC.NT only defines thet MS-DOS environment, does not run programs from what i read in other sites) I also tried to use the AutoExNT tool from the ResourceKit (It runs a service on the computer and then from there it will run a batch file with commands, the trick is this runs before any user logs on. But my experience is that it runs AFTER a user logs on (and then the Docs dir is locked ) Thanx microsoft! NOT! (How to Run a Batch File Before Logging on to Your Computer And now i'm stuck. This is the only thing that's not done, after this, the CD is finished. Any help is welcome, and Thanx in Advance!
  6. Thanx! The problem is. It's Windows 2000. They replaced CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT with CONFIG.NT and AUTOEXEC.NT. So I tryed to place the following line in the AUTOEXEC.NT: xcopy %SYSTEMROOT%\TempDocs\*.* %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Docume~1\*.* /S /E /I /Q /H /Y It didn't run my command nor a give me an error. Any other suggestions ? Or should i try to place the above code in AUTOEXEC.BAT and place an line in AUOTEXEC.NT to run AUTOEXEC.BAT ? THANX IN ADVANCE!
  7. Ive got a question. Is it possible to run a command (a *.cmd file) befor windows logs on (before the log on screen)? I want to do this, because i want to run a copy command of the document and settings directory, but that is not possible if a user is logged on Does anybody know how i can do this? Or has an alternative? Thanx in advance!
  8. $docs Problem With Unattende W2k

    Hey That's a good idea. I already tried to pack the files in an SFX-archive, but that didn't work. (placed it in $OEM$ dir and wrote in the cmdlines.txt: "$docs.exe") I also tried to copy it in the autoexec.nt. but that also didn't work at all But í'm gonna try that one. I will let you know if it dit the trick
  9. The problem is that during the Unattend Setup, the $docs dir is not copyd to the document and settings dir on the systemdrive. Everything works just fine, except this OEMpreinstall is enable in the winnt.sif. the $oem$ map is defined and correctly placed. I just cant figure out what the problem is, or a solution Please help