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  1. I read the vLite thread, and would appreciate if someone could post some scripts to build a lighter Win 8 Pro image with the bloat removed and a smaller WinSxS.
  2. Looking for a Win 7 Ulitmate SP1 image with latest updates, and components like Speech, Tablet pc, printer drivers etc removed. So I can install this on a new pc I'm building. I already have an MSDN image and I tried to do this, used the updates downloader etc, but I must have messed up somewhere. I've done this before but I'm wondering if there's a site which has custom images already (and just to confirm, I'm *not* looking for illegal stuff, I already have a license).
  3. Sorry should've mentioned that. I used Rt7lite with a Win7 x64 ultimate source. I removed tablet pc, speech and welcome center, and drivers for printers, modems etc. Final iso size was ~2.2Gb and unfortunately I don't have the ini file anymore.
  4. I think my customized image must be missing RD by accident. On the Remote tab I see a warning - "you must add a firewall exception for remote" but there is no "remote desktop" entry available in the firewall settings page. Since Win7 is already installed and working fine, I just want to add remote desktop back in.
  5. Maybe I don't understand, but if WAIK is a free public download, why does MS frown upon including ImageX or other similar tools. I also don't care who makes it as long as its legal and works. Such a tool is very welcome.
  6. Pardon me for butting in here , but have there been any studies that prove conclusively that defragmentation actually improves performance? I'm not saying file systems don't get fragmented, just skeptical about the need for a dedicated defrag tool for typical home users. Once could say that the fact that Windows comes with them built in is proof enough, I just want to see any empirical, independent data on this.
  7. Great! Can you explain how I can make my own for an English install?
  8. I made a custom vLite install disc from a Vista Ultimate Sp1 image, and removed Media center, printer drivers etc. Now I would like to install MC since I've found it has online content as well. Since I have the original dvd's, is there a way to install it without having to install Vista all over again?
  9. No one ?! Another thing I've noticed is that the installer takes a long time to load - when I boot from dvd, after I see the 'windows is loading drivers' screen, I see the screen with the wallpaper for ~5min before the install screen comes up. Is that normal?
  10. When I try to install Vista Ultimate, it hangs in the last stage (Completing Installation..) which never completes. As a test, I got a copy of the Vista Enterprise image we use to deploy at work, which I can't activate anyway without a domain controller. It installs fine. I then tried doing an upgrade from Enterprise->Ultimate and it hangs again in the same place. Ultimate installs fine in a VM so I know its not bad media. My hw config - Q6600 - all default settings, no oc Abit IP35 Pro 2GB Crucial memory PC6400 4x 500GB hdd's in AHCI I've run memtest86 for 10hrs successfully. XP also installs ok. I'm at a loss for things to try at this point.
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