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  1. RunOnceEx not working!

    This also happened to me recently. I hadn't done an install for a while, but it was time again. This time I thought I would try RyanVM's update pack and nLite. So when I started troubleshooting, I started with the stock CD and added my OEM and unattended stuff and Runonceex worked. I used that as a base and created 2 new ISOs from it. One had only RyanVM's extra touch on it, the other had nLite's extra touch. The RyanVM version worked fine but the nLite version didn't. Not sure if it was something I did, but I didn't have any more time to troubleshoot it any further. So I only used the latest RyanVM's update pack and my unattended stuff as researched on this great site. Not sure if this will help in your case, maybe do some troubleshooting like I did if you have the time. Good Luck. XPSlacker
  2. Hello all, I have been testing unattended installs with Virtual Box in the last couple weeks and have decided against using nLite and only use my winnt.sif, some batch files for T-13/12 and a few programs for RunOnceEX in conjunction with RyanVM's 2.1.11 with Integrator. IE7 is left until I make it to get the few remaining updates at Microsoft Update. So the install goes well, still has IE6, and all of my tweaks turn out as expected with not errors and nothing out of the ordinary. I hit MS Update, get the initial couple updates, restart, the next few updates have WGA and IE7, but after IE7 gets installed and the impending restart, I noticed that each time I create a new virtual machine and reinstall, the icon on the top of the Start menu is the default "unknown type" icon and I am trying to figure out if there is some easy way to fix it. It functions properly, just the wrong icon. Is there a registry key that I can redirect to the correct file? A config setting somewhere? I tried doing a search here and Google, but am kind of at a loss for how to word the search to get any results. (If the image does not show up, I will post it on one of my websites and add a link.) XPSlacker
  3. transferring files through a router

    I agree with Zxian, but this is turning into an ego thread instead of assisting the person who started the thread. Everybody has the right to use what works best for them. The original poster was looking for assistance in moving files between systems. I am not going to debate which way is best for BombaTwist's friend, but here are some notes about how my network is setup: > I map drives to specifically shared folders through my network on 5 computers and a Virtual PC session running WinXP Pro w/SP2, a Virtual PC session running Vista RC1, and I avoid using WinXP Home Ed. > Simple File Sharing is turned off. > All of my computers are purposely set to unique-named workgroups (i.e.- no 2 computers are on the same workgroup, meaning the same workgroup is not an issue for me). > I have removed all default admin shares (C$, D$, E$, etc) with registry settings that have been discussed and posted in the unattended install threads here at MSFN. > FTP is not as secure as one may think, this is well known, and it is why my Linux server rarely has FTP enabled internally to my network and I have never enabled it externally to the internet for my users to upload files. I did just enable it internally from my Linux server just for send and receive tests on a 37MB file and I got respectable speeds through FTP, but because my WFS is a little bit faster and works properly, I am not going to install a FTP server on any Windows system that I have. I also will not waste time by using the Linux server as a file server when I have an easier way to move files directly. > As a side note, I also avoid Linksys routers like the plague, as atleast some past routers have not secured the admin sign-on properly and it could be bypassed to get admin access to a Linksys router. This may not be the case anymore, but there are plenty of other quality routers on the market at decent prices. That's about as much as i am going to say about the issue to note that although some may have issues with Windows file sharing, others have not had problems and if BombaTwist would like to know more about some proper and secure setup information of WFS to compare it to other alternatives like FTP or USB hard drives, then he is welcome to ask. XPSlacker
  4. I have always been an administrator in the past but on my upcoming installs will drop my regular-use accounts to Power User through the Net command and use administrator privileges only when necessary. For about 18 months at work, I was in the Power User group, but the last 4 months have seen my position upgraded back to administrator status as a Workstation Admin. I found that the PU account has enough rights to do what I want but restrictive enough to ward off much of the garbage that wants to come through. I had rarely needed to have admin access during that time and feel comfortable in setting my home system's accounts to the PU group. Having some Linux experience now, it appears as though Vista is following suit with the reduced default accounts for better security. That's my 2 cents. XPSlacker
  5. Sound Card and Front Audio Ports

    Negative, it is an Aspire X-Infinity. Here is a pic of how the cable locks into place on a slot cover and then has room to plug into where I want to plug the mic and headphones in the back audio ports. I already have a CD drive in place, blocking me from getting an inside, lower view of how the cables are molded into and coming out of the enclosed connection block. I will have the case open within the next week. If you want me to pull the drive and get a pic of the cables coming out of the block inside, let me know. XPSlacker
  6. Sound Card and Front Audio Ports

    Thank you very much MrGuy and LiquidSage for your responses, and especially you nmX.Memnoch for the well researched mod. I am going to hang on to this info for future use, but I just received a new computer case that will temporarily address the issue with an older SB512 card that I've had in it's anit-static bag. The case has cords that are long enough and have 1/8" mini connectors that go through one of the specially cut rear card covers and then into the mic and one speaker-out jack in the back. I will run the first set of speaker's cable up front and switch back and forth plugging and unplugging the speakers and headphones. The ports are on top of the case so I will not bump the plugged in cords with my feet or knees since the computer sits directly in front of me. This should get me by for now, but I will have to decide on which of your responses will end up being long term on this system. The computer case that I just gutted is going to have new guts put in it for Win2003 SBS, and if need be, I may need to use this info there too. Thank you once again for helping me out. I knew that the good folks at MSFN wouldn't disappoint me! XPSlacker
  7. I never thought this would be a stumper when I thought of it earlier today, but it is turning out to be pretty pathetic to me. I felt that MSFN would be my last resort, so here I am and my searching the forums has turned up nothing for me. That said, if someone knows that this was answered in another thread, please direct me. I put together a new system this past Fall and can see that I need an alternative to the onboard sound. The sound is ok but the Microphone sounds pretty bad and I just want to disable it and add something like a SoundBlaster, but there is a catch, which is actually turning into a big snag... My case has a front headphone and a microphone jack but my systemboard does not have provisions for using them. Because I game and use TeamSpeak, I want to easily plug and unplug my headsets into the front ports, but I am getting the picture that sound card manufacturers could care less. I called Creative Labs but the person I spoke to and the person she questioned there said that they don't make any cards that will connect to and use ports on the front of computer cases. I called a local computer store and they said that the cards exist but they don't carry any. Now, maybe I just spoke to some people that are as clueless as I am, but I find it hard to believe that more and more computer cases are offering audio ports in the front for nothing. Can anyone direct me on this? Am I shooting pool with a rope or are there some hidden secrets I have missed? Thank you very much. XPSlacker
  8. Windows XP & Thinkpads

    First, What model is it and how old is it? I have 2 T42's that are a year old, and at work we have been using 300+ R31 models (3years old) and 300+ R40 models (2 years old) that were originally shipped with XP Pro and they all run it fine with adequate speed. So we would need to know things like how old it is, what model (i.e. R31 &/or 2657-99u), how much RAM, CPU type and speed, size and rotation speed of the hard drive, type of video card and if it has dedicated RAM or shared memory usage? This would help for starters. Plus, does it still have a "restore" or "service partition" or has that been wiped out. If it is still available, have you backed up all of your data and files and then tried to restore it? Have you tried to defragment your drive in it's current state? Have you defragmented it after restoring from the "service partition?" -XPSlacker
  9. Which Os Is Better?

    I have to go with XP Pro w/SP2 right now. I haven't tried 2K3 yet, but plan to in the next 6 months. XP Pro w/no SP and SP1 would be next in line but SP2 is the clincher. XP Home lacks too many things that I use in the home environment. W2k w/SP4+ I would have to choose over XP Home even though it isn't on the list. I have 2 ThinkPad T42 laptops and 2 desktops w/XP Pro SP2 and 2 desktops w/XP Home SP2 and I can't add the Group Policies or update some other security features that I want set with the Home edition. I feel like I am on a crippled machine. It is a couple steps above WinME, though . Rock on!