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  1. Hello! During running the CMD, ther is a error by opening the "Scripten.cab" in the IESRC-folder (file not found). I think that is a problem of localised files... Scripten.cab > english (the file which is needed) Scriptde.cab (the file in my IESRC-folder) > deutsch (german) I dont know if it is a real problem, the OS still works, but i have not much time to test... regards XiLeeN I think there is a 2nd localised file: "Scr56de.cab" If you wish, i can send the files per email or attachment
  2. I just managed it! And it works fine! . Thank you for your help and patience... regards XiLeeN
  3. Thank you for the fast reply! This night, i have read the the guide at vorck.com more than 10 times... And i have not found a "instructions.txt"... (Deep-Link?) If i right, i need this 3 "FDV"-files 1. SFC.DLL 2. SETUPAPI.DLL 3. SFCFILES.DLL And there are two ways to handle it... - use hacked SFC.DLL , hacked SETUPAPI.DLL and original SFCFILES.DLL or - use original SFC.DLL, hacked SETUPAPI.DLL and modified (empty) SFCFILES.DLL (i will prefer this way...) Ok at this point? Now, there are two questions left... - Where i have to (re)place the files? In the i386-folder of my Win2k-SP4-CD? Or in the i386-folder of the expanded SP4-Pack before slipstreaming? (so i understand the guide at vorck.com)(i think its pretty much the same...) - Which files do i need from the XPSP1-CD? I have found nothing about the XP-files... many regards XiLeeN
  4. Sorry, my english is very bad . So i understand not much of this threat. I try to integrate only IE6 in a Win2k-SP4-CD. Is the following procedure correct? 1. Download the "slipsreamer.zip" from the first post 2. Extract the ZIP to a folder 3. Create the subfolders "IESRC" and "SOURCE" 4. Copy the content of the Win2k-SP4-CD to "SOURCE" 5. Extract all CAB-files of the IE6-Source to "IESRC" 6. run the CMD Thats all? No files to edit? - Where can i find "FDV's sfc and setupapi files" (Google finds only this threat ) - Which files do i need from the XPSP1-CD? - What i have to do with the files? Thanks for any response and help regards XiLeeN
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