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  1. Hmm I notice that your post references PE 1.2. I'm building with 1.5 and using Server 2003 with SP1. I'm not sure if that list will work. Brian
  2. You are correct, but that remove list blows away network support and everything. The documentation only says to refer to the list. I figured that with so many people using a RAM disk and what not, that they would try to reduce the size of their images. Maybe not. Brian
  3. Nobody bothers to reduce the size of their PE image???
  4. Check out this forum post. There are some links there with some sites that you can get spyware from. Should give you a decent start. http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/showthread.php?t=9696
  5. Ok so I'm working with 2003SP1 and PE 1.5 to use Ghost32.exe. I need networking support and scripting support as well. I have everything working perfectly. My only problem is that I am booting from a RAM disk so I want to make the image smaller. I know there is a remove files list, but that will strip my networking and possibly my scripting out of the image. Does anyone have a list that they have put together that will reduce the size of the image but leave scripting and networking support there? Or is there an easy way to figure out what files I don't need? Thanks a ton. -Brian
  6. run the following command: regsvr32 /s netcfgx.dll That should allow you to run ipconfig -Ruffryda
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