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  1. the radiation from a mobile phone, is not that powerful, unlike what some so called experts like to tell us. You can stand in front of a mobile phone antenna for 2 minutes without adverse effects, and the phones are a lot less powerful. But my advise is to use a hands-free headset which removes the contact of the phone from near your head or brain, and is also more comfortable then holdin a phone for an hour.

  2. Fox - Become an OEM, Then you might get access to a Legal all-in-one disk from MS.

    Kels - Officially MS dont distribut al in ones, but you can get them from MS employees.

    Most legal all in one disks are made by admins as a useful tool. They only become ilegal when you add software to circumvent any protection measures (like the activation on XP) or add cd keys (putting the files on the same disk aint seen as copywright infringement and MSn usually see this as a benefit for admins and leave it.). It is not illegal to put 10 versions of XP on a cd, as far as the courts are concerned it is legal to make a back up cd (if you copy a cd and use the copy for day to day use so you do not damage the original, they usually allow this), it is however illegal to put 10 versions of XP on a cd with all versions not requiring a cd key or activation (like the previously mentioned cd's).

    If it were illegal to make or own all-in-ones then you definately wouldnt have The multi-boot guide or even The Multi-boot Forum

  3. it depends. usually when creating a database a Entity?Relationship diagram, a UML diagram or some method of graphically describing the database is created. Depending what information is in the front end, depends on how much of the database structure can be recreated.

    In most cases the database is set up to do most of the work, and the front end is passive (meaning it doesnt give much clues as to the backend's construction). One reason for this is speed, with the database server doing most of the work.

  4. compression the windows dll's and exe's will slow down the computer. The reason is ever time the dll or exe is required it is reloaded, causing mulitple occurances of a program or dll in memory. If left uncompressed the Dll's are loaded only once and called when required.

    As a rule of thumb its ok to compress programs like office or cal as they will only be required once, but programs like explorer are refrenced constantly so they shoul be left untoched

  5. Name servers point all traffic for example.org to the ip of the computer it is hosted on. Usually the DNS is on the same network as the hosting computer (like in purchased hosting). If you have a static IP then it should be a simple matter of pointing the domain to your ip and creating a hosting file to tell the hosting computer where to redirect all the information to.. If you have a dynamic ip i would suggest using a service like this here

  6. best i can figure is to buy a mini tower computer (atx or btx :)), install a linux media center (like here, or here, or even here.

    I have not yet found a XBMC like software that will integrate into the 360 like the orignail does on a normal XBOX. atthe end of the day all the xbox and xbox 360 are, are glorified PC components in a system that is restrictive of how they are used. By building a linux PC/Server you can have the media center feel without having o format your hd in a specific xFat format, configure he drivers so you can add a DVD+/-RW....need i go on :)

  7. On linux i have never had a problem with VMWare for virtualisation. I have used it with bridging o physical connections withot issue.

    Im not quite sure what you were asking

    What we are searching for is a Virtual PC source which has a real Ethernet Adapter not bridged to the physical adapter.
    (im a little tired). But for what i can gather you want a NIC in the VM without a brigde to a physical connection?????

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