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  1. -X-

    size of windows 8.1 pro x64 ISO that i used for testing in vmware is 1.04 gb. (contains most of my needed components and up 2 date)


    size of windows install reported by windows is 3.20 gb without pagefile and with vmware tools installed. 

  2. Minor bug report - KB924667 for Windows 2000 integrated under but fails to do so under version

    uffff its the only version of windows we didnt test.....

    thanx for reporting.

  3. Awesome to see this, Love nLite and vLite<3

    Maybe already someone told this, but if you choose Remove, Components

    Then Remove "Languages"

    "Western Europe and United States"

    Are still There next time you start nLite =).

    please post your last session here.

    thank you

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