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  1. Outlook Auto setup?

    I been looking at the MST wizard and can't find anything to do with setup exchange server location. Can ya point me to the right direction.? thx.
  2. We have Office 2003 Std installed on all our pc's. We dont use roaming profiles. We a new user comes in or a user needs access to a pc I have to log them on to set up there outlook accout. Is there a way to have outlook automatically setup thier outlook when they start it?
  3. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    no reader 6.0. <Looks at the sig> I know there is alrdy a installer but 3 reasons I need to do this. 1) I need to learn, 2) I need to know what to do when I try it on the other other non standard software. 3) I need to learn.
  4. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    I'm having problems getting this to run. I followed the direction to a T. but when I test it the files look like they are extracted but the msi doesn't install. Here is my config.txt ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT \"msiexec /i Adobe.msi /qb-!\"" ;!@InstallEnd@! If I try via command line StartX.exe /WAIT "msiexec /i Adobe.msi /qb-!" the program installs. Thxs. Ed.
  5. I think the $OEM$ is suppose to be under i386.
  6. ok.. its a lot of reg tweaks.. ok.. I was doing searches for "unattended Desktop" Thought there maybe a setting like Home_Page=xxxxxxx Ok.. thanks
  7. I'm new to the unattended install, I have went though and created and tested the unstalled XP with slipstreaming sp2 and hotfixes and useing the RunOnceEx. I was wondering how I change the desktop settings (ex. Changing the Desktop from Start Menu to Classic start menu.) Thanks.. Ed.