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  1. Yeah all the links on djsleepy appear to be down, although his site is not. Anywhere else to download the english newest version? I don't really want the micro edition which is hosted elsewhere.
  2. I meant to ask before, but are you on dial-up or another slow connection? I think its down to IEs rendering method and the way modern pages are written, which don't sit well on a slow connection. This site is mild, but has google ads, heavily stacked tables and script. Microsoft site uses flash, script and css (on different servers so IE will use more simultaneous connections) And that Indonesian site, wow, it appeared locked, but I left it and it came up after a minute or so, even on my 2MB connection. I think they have slow servers also, but the page is filled with script, tables, css, images and flash all competing for download. IE can appear to hang when it is waiting to figure out how to render, if a connection breaks it doesn't know to handle it. Firefox is much more intelligent at rendering, as is opera. IE6 has been patched, but is still getting very old now. EDIT: Yeah, just clicked around that site, most of the pages also display the 'always loading' problem even when fully rendered, really annoys me also as it stops pages being in history/available offline.
  3. You shouldn't be affected by a server-side technology, except maybe the fact that some CMS output dreadful html, table stacked pages etc. Could maybe be compression, a lot of php pages use gzip... Are these random occurances or are there linkable sites that constantly affect you? Maybe theres something else the pages use (XML, media etc). Have you, or have you had, the php interpreter installed?
  4. Lol, 4's not wierd, when I get a bigger disk I'm having even more, 2 Linux, FreeBSD, XP, 98, 2000 and Hurd Found my kanotix, but qtparted exited with a seg fault when reading the disk as it said it didn't do NTFS. Well I used SFDisk this time, but XP still destroyed HDA3 So I tried XPs tools to create a partition there (its created an extended the same size as the logical, but thats fixable) and all seems to be OK. Still not sure why I'm having these probs, does NTFS size need to go up in 8s or something, when the installer made its own partition it left 7MB after it... Think I'm going to test all my tools out on another box. I've over a TB of unsorted progs and data that need properly organizing so I'm not using the first thing that I dig out.
  5. I'm setting a quad-boot (linux I'll install later, linux is easier to install and behaves) which will have grub in MBR, I use boot-us or gag until then as grub is easier to set-up from linux. The first 98 gets changed and wont always be 98, its a test ground for OSs that need primary within 8G. XP is where I want it. I'm not assigning any drive letters to anything, it says 'a)' not 'a:', I thought it was less confusing than 'HDA0', apparently not so I can reference the drives. The XP disc tools said d) (HDA3) (was actually d:) was 'healthy' even though it wasn't. But I'll try qparted then, I think I might have used that last time when I noticed no problems. This my problem, too many tools, different one everytime, cant remember which work well and with each other. Also, why don't my two 98's show in XP when hidden, I thought XP ignored that? If they are not hidden, will XP be OK with that once properly independantly installed, it will move them beyond 'c:' and be fine? It was OK with non-independant a) H: b) C:(system) c) E:(boot) So I guess it is OK with drives prior.
  6. Following on from me forgetting to hide 98 (Ref) I thought I had XP where I wanted it, but its gone wrong again. This is what I had prior to installing: I had created the NTFS partition with Boot-us. The XP install said it was unrecognized, but formatted it without deleting it first and it called it C: Now e) is broken, in XP and 98, I couldn't even get the data back (luckilly I recovered half off b) from where it was moved) So I format e) again, now I can't boot XP, it worked after reinstalling boot-us in MBR from 98. Boot-us says NTFS format is invalid. What tools can I use to partition and format that like each other?
  7. How do you mean the drivers arn't installing, how do they come? All you should have to do is open device manager, 'remove' whatever windows has put there and install your new drivers. Do you mean you do this, but then windows installs its own drivers again? You can specify location in driver search to say where the drivers are or ask it to display a list, so you choose the driver. Have you installed mobo drivers? Windows will need these to power onboard hardware drivers, otherwise it use generic.
  8. Whoops, I was forgetting to hide the partitions Guess that explains why XP got its teeth into 98. Ok just a coupla questions. 1) Does normal hiding work for the XP installer, or would they need to be true hidden, it does seem XP only screws with my active partition. B) Once installed, I hide the partitions before XP (not TRUE) so they don't upset the boot process, then XP finds them once loaded? This is the right policy? which stems to 2) The partition letters arn't important as long as XP has system and boot together? B) And it doesn't matter that it can 'see' partitions in front of it? Out of interest, what the criteria for lettering partitions? It seems different depending on which partitioning tool is used, I think some add lines, other rewrite the whole table? Right now If I boot XP my partitions are in physical order: H C E D C is win98 and 'system', E is XP and 'boot'. My DVD drives are G&F. None were hidden on this boot, although 'H' was hidden on install.
  9. I never said anything about installing from 98? Like I said I want to have nothing to with 98 Yeah I know, thats why I wanted on the 3rd, the 4th would then be my extended. Last time it used the partition I made, this time it wouldn't. So why would XP want to create a logical partition when it can't even boot it? Everything is backed up, this was a full reinstall See reply 1 I thought, apart from XPs crazy idea of installing its boot loader in HDA1's boot sector that it would be independant when installing from disk. Or is it independant and its a drive letter issue? Does the drive letter need to stay the same? I'm going to try wiping everything after my 2 98s and trying again. Last time I had all my other partitions in place and nothing broke. Why cant windows be more like Linux....? EDIT: OK I'm certain its a drive letter issue, its created a "program files" folder on HDA4 with subfolders. HDA4 wasn't even there when I installed XP
  10. Hi I installed XP with 98 and now its broken. I had 98 in the first gig. I wanted to install XP on the 3rd partition, but XP didn't like it, so it deleted it and created a new partition. First problem, its made it a logical partition, why would it do this? Then I cloned 98 into the second partition with xxcopy. To get to XP I have to boot the first partition, Xp has put a boot menu on its boot sector, then it has a go at booting XP, get as far as the blue screen with the XP logo and just stops. I think it was G: when I installed it, but its now calling it E: I think I'm going to have to start again. Does anyone have advice or free tools that work well? What I need is something that can true hide partitions so XP install will completely ignore them? If I create my extended partition beyond where I install XP first, it will create a primary? Or are there formatting tools that XP likes (last time I did it, it worked fine, it just turned it from FAT32 to NTFS, must have done it different). Thanks.
  11. Thanks jaclaz, I'll take a look at some of those. I've actually got the image from bootdisk.com working and have used it. Deepburner apparently cant handle it, so I used mkisofs. I also had to put the disk in my other drive, in my DVD burner it freezes, but works in my older combo.
  12. Tried from FreeDOS, complains about invalid opcodes. The image from bootdisk.com, didnt work on a rw so I tried on a cdr, but it seemed to have some problem with my HD.
  13. Its been a few months and I've been pretty rough with the system so it's time for a new install. I go through floppy drives faster than coffee so am without and dont fancy digging through all my bits to find a working one. So I'm looking for an image to install from off CD. I have the one that is actually a proper image from bootdisk.com, but am not sure if it as good as it should be. Does any one know of or have a decent image? Or can you install from freedos/opendos? Thanks.
  14. It does sound as if some piece of software is breaking it. Does the repair tool tell you which file it found corrupt? Other than a misguided system utility though, I'm not sure why it break except on install. Try keeping a note of programmes you've used before it breaks. Also what happens when you try and open just an image after this has occured?
  15. Have you tried defragging and running registry check? You should also keep your drives less than about 90% full.

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